Gold types


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  • 2 types of gold
    • 2.1 in terms of caliber
    • 2.2 For the country of manufacture


Gold was known and known from ancient times, as most ancient civilizations knew it, and it was based on its trade such as: Japanese civilization, the Persian civilization, and to this day gold still has a value in us, so that most of us hoard gold as a savings for the time of need, and not only for decoration for several reasons that made it important when Most people, and the first of these reasons is that the price of gold often increases with time.

Likewise, gold does not deteriorate with the passage of time and is not affected by environmental factors, and whoever owns gold has wealth, and although the raw gold material is one material and does not differ from one country to another, only the way it is manufactured and the percentage of elements contained in the manufactured material are those that differ from one country For another.

Gold types

In terms of caliber

This classification was made according to the ratio of gold per kilo, as follows:
  • 24k Gold: It is the finest and most expensive gold, as the percentage of gold in it is 99%, and another element is added to it, it may be copper, silver, or mercury, with a rate of 1%.
  • 21 karat gold: It is the second most popular type of gold, and for every kilo there is added 150 grams of other elements, such as: copper, or silver, meaning that the ratio of gold per kilo is 850 grams.
  • 18 karat gold: The percentage of gold here is 750 grams of pure gold, plus another 250 grams of mineral per kilo.
  • 22-karat gold: The proportion of gold in this type is 875 grams of pure gold, and the remainder is another element, meaning that 225 grams are of copper, iron, or mercury.

For the country of manufacture

  • Egyptian Gold: It is only manufactured by the Egyptians, and the distinguishing feature of it is that gold is completely integrated with the minerals contained therein, and they cannot separate them from each other.
  • Old Sudanese Gold: This gold is manufactured by the Sudanese, as only iron is added to it in the manufacturing process.
  • Saudi Gold: Mercury is added only to the gold during its manufacture, and gold can be extracted easily, due to the property of non-stick gold, which is made in Saudi Arabia.
  • Indian Gold: The most popular type of this gold is 22 karat gold, the trade of which is spread in Asian countries.
  • Italian Gold: It is the cheapest type of gold, therefore it is suitable for poor countries, where 18 karat gold is used in manufacturing, it is easy to form and configure, and the process of making it is made in Italy.

This may differ in the desire of women to acquire types of gold from one country to another, as the desire of Western women tends towards buying simple chains and necklaces, while Indian women tend to buy huge rings, just as Arab women tend to buy huge gouache and full gold sets.