Hair in beauty


  • 1 hair description
  • 2 Description of the beloved beauty
    • 2.1 Do you know that you are the mother of beauty?
    • 2.2 Two nuns in Deir el-Gammal
    • 2.3 In describing a Siamese cat
    • 2.4 Virgins of beauty, love, and dreams
    • 2.5 White Women's Water
  • 3 Description of nature
    • 3.1 In describing the city of Al-Zahra
    • 3.2 The margins of the ages have been delighted, so they are Tarmer
    • 3.3 In the land of Andalusia
    • 3.4 Spring Attac
    • 3.5 Not to disclose the bird
  • 4 Video of man’s signs of beauty

Hair description

What the poets cared most about in their poetry was their description of the beauty of the beloved in the smallest detail, and described the intensity of the labyrinth that they pass through in front of the magic of the eyes of the beloved, just as the subject of the description they have exceeded the spinning to describe the beauty of nature and the trees, animals, birds, plants, etc., which is this article we will include some of the Beautiful hair description with its various topics.

Describing the beloved beauty

The abundant poetic description of poems abounded, and almost all poets find them. We mention the following poems:

Do you know that you are the mother of beauty?

Abdul Moaty Aldalati
Do you know that you are good news for us?
And you are a good that will flow here

Do you know that you are the source of life?
He roams time and narrates DNA

Do you know that you are the mother of beauty?
The daughter of the auctioneer and the older sister

And that is when you wear the veil
Smooth, you rise to the curve

You withheld beauty, you attained majesty
Your virtue of goodness has been revealed

You made manliness, the mother of men
You built ... you were the one who built

Childhood embraced the cradle
You were inactive and dwelling

Your heart spreads the warmth of tenderness
Stop wiping us from Al-Dana

If you go, life will be satisfied
She laughs if you laugh at us

For you sang and the anthem flew
Flutter around you even down

All letters migrate to you
It plunges you into grave semen

Hovering on you .. and sheltering for you
And you want to have a home here

Come to build the poem's house
Two parts: From you .. and from me

Come pray for the Lord of Existence
Let our lives be overlooked by debt

Because you are ... because I am
Life is going well with us

We are injustice forever, so do you forgive
Like you, forgive who we are

Two nuns in the Monastery of Beauty

Hamad Al-Osaimi
Always resort to cry if ..
Time to leave ...
Sparks fly from the eyes
And let the freedom flow ..
It is their legacy of love ...
It is broadcast and beautiful.
I want you, others
There is no crying or wailing ..
Be elegant, beautiful, and princess ..
When the departure comes ..
Stand up to your face of the sky as an example ..
Palm trees ...
And to wear your pink dress ..
The long shawl ..
Put on your lips a color ...
Cochineal does not go away ..
Be like a white cat.
Like Gemini
Like a Phoenix
Like the playful reem ...
Be all women then ...
The paths are lost ..
The sun is the most beautiful
If it is sunset ..
I want you others ...
Did I ask the impossible? !!
Your eyes are the largest shelter you have ever known ...
The times of wars ..
And I am homeless in the caves of the eyes ..
The Blue from the South
Your eyes are two nuns in the monastery of beauty ..
Two pure sins
And I turned to them to help me ..
To repent ..
So if I want you to be others, there is no crying ..
No wailing ..
So stand up and your face to the sky ..
Like palm trees ..
I want you to be like this ..
When leaving.

In describing the Siamese cat

Nizar Qabbani
Fatima takes off her shoes ...
As a Siamese cat in my hollow comfort
She throws her bag on a bench ...
Its procurement bag is on a seat
And get in ...
In the first artery you encounter.
Fatima takes off her names ...
And it was decided in brilliant courage
To be my wife ..
The throat is stripped from her ears
The bracelets are taken from her hands
She aims her rings.
And her hair pins on the floor
And I remembered her similar days on the ground
It is clotted like a cocoa tree ...
Under my clothes ..

You choose a curtain color,
The color of my notebooks,
She imposes her taste on food and on love
And mumbling of her joy.
As a Siamese cat ...

Fatima interferes on me ..
She places her women's magazines on my desk.
And her dress in my closet ...
Her hair clamps in my drawer.
She brushes her teeth,
Near my toothbrush,
I realize that she decided to occupy me ...

Fatima is weary of the shape of her breasts
And you try to draw them again ..
And it orders her to turn into a bird.
Nothing is more amazing than Fatima
When you leave the house of obedience
And you pray as a skill.
Under the sun of freedom.

Fatima leads a historical coup against her body.
And take over.
She puts her ministers in prison
And Qais bin Al-Mallouh, and Jamil Buthaina
And all the virgin poets in prison
And all who are familiar with the art of love
They did not touch the finger of a woman ...
And all those who talked about their female victories
Without getting hurt
With one stab ...
Or with one kiss
Or with one heart attack ...
And all who wrote about the inferno of sex
They did not sleep with a fly ..
Fatima announces to the masses who came to pledge her allegiance
And in a moment of truth that the Arabs do not know
she is my love..

Fatima rejects all dubious texts
And you start at the beginning of the line ..
It rips all manuscripts that were written by males
And she starts from the alphabet of her femininity.
And you read in my mouth book.
Migrate from the cities of dust
And follow me barefoot to the cities of water.
You jump from the ignorance train
And you speak to me the language of the sea ..
She breaks her sandy hour.
And take me with her out of time ...

Fatima believes
Fatimah is always right.
That the movement of history starts from its eyes,
And that the first person,
He lived his cave between her foreheads.
And the music has no sound ..
And the colors have no color ..
And that poetry - if she raised her hand from it -
The door will be closed to himself,
And he commits suicide ...

I like Fatima's decisions
When transformed from a circular stone
To a water fountain in Andalusia
It is a balanced and ritual poem
To a pigeon landing on my shoulders
And it is running in the court of Aaron the sixteenth

I like Fatima's follies ..
When the red signals cross
That historians put about her words,
And about her dreams ..
And you slaughter them in their tent
One .. one ..
I like Fatima's indifference
And you hire me as a guard
With a salary of ten thousand kisses
On one night ...

I love Fatima
When she drinks her morning coffee,
And drink me ..
And I love her more
When you confirm to me:
It will occupy the world,
And you occupy me ..

And it hunted the red fish
On the shores of my blood ..

Fatima is arresting me under her cilia
I don’t know when the night ends
And when the day begins ...

At Fatima's hands
And a good fighter
She also taught me to love her well
At Fatima's hands
I learned that liberalism is a woman.
He is a man of intelligence ...

He who does not know Fatima
He did not know what God’s greatest works were ..

Fatima is destroyed
All bottles of Arab medicine
And all the detention centers of Arab love
And it takes me out of the stability of the Arabic text
And you open the door to diligence.

She is the most important woman among the women of the world.
He took up arms with her ..
He who does not know Fatima
He did not know what God’s greatest works were ..
He did not know what poetry is ..

Fatima is destroyed
All bottles of Arab medicine
And all the detention centers of Arab love
And it takes me out of the stability of the Arabic text
And you open the door to diligence.

She is the most important woman among the women of the world.
And me, the most important man I love
He took up arms with her ..

O virgins of beauty, love, and dreams

Abu al-Qasim al-Shabi
O virgins of beauty, love, and dreams,
Rather, the splendor of this existence

We have felt the feeling of drop-downs
Her goodness crowned the morning of roses

And we saw the eyelids smiling .., or dreaming
With light, with passion, with the anthem

And we saw the cheeks, the magic made her angry,
So from the charm of those cheeks

We saw the lips smile on Dunya
Roses of smoothness

And we saw the tears shaking, like flowers
In the trance of happy youth

Fitna, awaken and love
But what is behind the Leopards

What is behind her current charm,
Drunk, in that distant decision ..?

Beautiful souls, like the birds of the jungle
She sings by Twitter's magician

Immaculate, as if the lush flowers
In the new spring generator?

Luminous hearts, like night stars
Wasting, like turning a blind eye?

Or darkness, as if it is night
It is a graying heart for the newborn

And hugs, ripples with sin and nick
Evil, evil, and long shadows?

I don’t know, a scent flower
He fought despite his proven goodness

God sanctified you from the darkness of the Spirit
It is a misguided conscience

The night of souls is a terrible night
Eternal grief, the outrage of eternity

The heart rests in bitter pain,
He is miserable by living the untouchable

And the youthful spring is forever.
And perform his good idol

There is nothing left in the universe except beauty
The spirit is soft in the eternal time

White women's water

Margin student
The white woman
The same silence and listening ...
Dissolved on the face of the valley its pink beauty
It was near the morning
Her silver cup was filled with ulcer water
Her transparent heart beats like a wave
Clear runoff in sunset water.

The sun disintegrates its pure white
Female light (white) drunk
In sight,
Pomegranate drops sugar syrup
Who slaughtered milky sweet and sweet?
I wish I had a woman
Bring the fragrance between the feminine femininity in the morning pots
Her pink face swims in fragrance music
Like vase, craved the water of hearts!

To see the reflection of the fineness of eye color in flowers
Transparent as ace
And the never-before kisses
Except on the visions of the sunrise
Between her lips, the sugar melt.

Smell like mint, smell the breezes of basil
Or the teenage fragrance coma
In hair loss to the waist
In the pellet of apples before harvesting his green mother Zahra
When the water of her aroma smells above the steppe.

I wish a woman
To water it, cup the lavender with mint
To narrate the spirit
Or to have a name that I give at death
The feminine pathway in the summer night sky blooms
Towards the lanes of lovers
Where full moon is wounded by his lust
And guarded by his star brothers
It includes a milky night
And you wash it with light water the evening goddesses.

Where the churches are high grief
Silence swims at night as secrets
Its born light rises from the regret of the sun
To the refineries of grief in order to cry Jesus is lost
And praise under the touch of bells
Mary bereaves wake up to every cry!

Where the poems are intoxicants
It brings to miracles the secrets of sweet metaphors
You raise it to the lover's lover
Layla Al-Amiriya Measurements
In order to become the word virgin in his escape
And small pieces are the beauty of sound
Stepping up the ladder of chant in her Sufi dominion
J, J.

White woman
Naming softness with small bathrooms,
The cuttings are at her transparent coo
The naming of sweetness with visions, and the delicacy of spectra
In the light that splits from the water of femininity
Naked as a daisy,
Clearly like a crescent.

It is our love of clouds before it rains in the pool of desires,
The thread of sadness stressing the bitter tendency of nostalgia,
Our soul's desire for death in the feminine homeland
In order to become a blind ripple on the face of the sand.

It is our yearning to sleep in the freshwater stream
Like children
Our return to the womb of the beginning, praise be to Him
In order to wander in the sky of color spectra
It creates imagination.

Convex above the treachery
Like a teardrop willow
I see in the water mirrors the spectra of women,
I see the desires of their desired beauty
It rises above the sight of pure white,
And the snow that comes from their bodies
As a blind liquid
Femininity for women to take a table and ask.
Moving away to pools, gazelle will drink it.

And I see the lavish woman washing in the baby rain,
I see a girl bathed in the sun with soap
In the water of clouds
In order to become a lover's bride
When the pomegranate waved in the morning trees ..
I see freshly squeezed apples
Candidates who desire the nectar, the perfume of lusts
In the albumin water.

If I were a river, I would be given the childhood
I leaned on the banks of water as willow
I hear the flowing sound in the ears as the bells
The cradle that shakes over his newborn branches
Mahdi !
If I were a river, I would give the knife
I did not bend over the spring milk as weaned
Take a chance
My freedom and my cold!
As if the lines of water below the willow inkwells
The string of stolen pleasure from the black eyes light
The thread of our longing is connected to the distant mother
Before life comes from the balcony of the past
To the remorse of the sky.
As if the white woman is the last thing we love about women

Nature description

Among the greatest poets of nature are the poets of Andalusia who were fascinated by the charming nature of it, and do not forget my father Tammam, who excelled in this type of poetic subjects, and the following are some of these poems.

In describing the city of Zahra

Ibn Shakeeb
These are the buildings of the Commander of the Faithful
He visited the last of this world for the first time

So the temperature of the sun found us the greatest
Fate even if it falls short of Saturn's height

Al-Zahra factory has evidently traced
Unified fate for example and proverb

She missed her good deeds, describing her
Words are silence and brevity is like fault

But its merit in the buildings of the whole earth
As the best country he built on countries

The hard-nosed superheroes almost fell into it
The people of Saad, without the stigma of the lower

Tomorrow it consisted of a complete decrease
Perhaps things are completely lacking

He fulfilled her years at the highest levels
From pearls of Creation Holidays

How many lovers of pilot are still
In it they go from kindergarten to cuff

If pelvic pimples subside, urge them
On the move from Nahl to Bug

As if the alabaster panels were emptied
Of pure water, it did not freeze and did not run

Or drive from the atmosphere on Safa Day
Paper for the sun in pregnancy

Gentle bleaching buttons were sprung
The water of modesty is in the hour of shame

If the star blossom meets it, it will become
She revolts against his water without a torch

And it counts the breeze of the wind counting it
The sword plate shook by the hand of the hero

The margins of the ages have been delighted

Abu Tammam
The margins of the ages have been delighted
And the wealth in his jewelry became broken

The front of the resort was benign
The hand of new winters is not atonement

Were it not for the one who planted the winter with his palm
The resort was frustrated and fruitless

How many nights does the country feel sorry for itself
There is a day in it, and it is wet

Rain melts awakening from after it
Awakening is almost raining

Nausea, the ablution is apparent
You have a clear face and a clear face

And dew if you apply it to him
I fell in the clouds and it was excused

We set out in nineteen arguments
It is right for you to spring the flowers

The days were not robbed
If it was good, he would live

First you see things if they are changed
She was glorified and good when she was changed

My friend, I will look at you
You see the faces of the earth how you visualize

You see a sunny day that looks like it
Usury blossom, as if it is moonlit

A minimum pension for Lori, even if
Spring is clear, it is a sight

She formulates her stomachs for her appearance
Light has hearts for him to enlighten

From every flower blooming dew
As if it is an eye on him descending

The crowd looks and blocks it as if
A virgin looks and spreads

Until its promises and its upholstery became
Two classes in the spring ripening period

A yellowish red as if
A nerve in Yemen of Ogha and Dedhar

It is surprising that the plants are soft
Dora is cracked before then saffron

Or shining in red as if what
It gets yellow from the air

He made that which were not for creatures,
No longer yellow, after it is green

A creation that looks out of the spring as if
The Imam’s creation and guidance

In the land of the Imam's justice and presence
And from the young plants, a saddle blossoms

Riyadh is forgotten and what is being tamed
Never over night is mentioned

The caliphate is when an accident darkens
Ain Al-Huda and has a caliphate

Its motions abounded and it has been seen
From a while ago she was thinking

I still know that a node has commanded it
In his palm since I was given the choice

Time dwelt, there is no blameless hand
For accidents and no one will be alarmed

He organized the country and became as if
A decade as if justice is essential

It did not remain a very obscene concept but it was irrigated
Of his remembrance, as though he were prepared

A king is deceived in its days
And fewer in his notes

Let him sleep hard on the nights after him
To be afflicted with their insolvent money

In the land of Andalusia

Ibn Safar Al-Merini
In the land of Andalusia crave leaders
And the heart does not leave a happy one

Silver collapsed and grabbed its soil
Sickness, she is tamed, and generating grit
And the air has gentle tenderness
Whoever does not feel comfortable or whimsy

It is not the breeze that sings magic
There is no spread of the heroic robot call

But Arj al-Ned raised his interest
In a rose water, it delayed from him throughout

Where is reported from what I classify?
How does it contain a statistic?

It was distinguished from the earth when it appeared
Unique and took advantage of water

It circled a sail whisk
They found her as she looked beautiful

That is why smiling blossom from Tarab
The bird grows, and the branches are listening

In it, virgins were taken off, they had no compensation
It is Riyadh and the whole land is desert

Spring comes

The sea
The free spring came to you, laughing
From Hassan until he almost spoke

Nowruz alerted him to the sunset
The first rose was sleeping yesterday

She misses the cold, as if it was dew
It is a hadith that was concealed before

And from the trees he restored the spring
Upon him, as you have published some of the things

It is permissible, and he appeared to the eyes on screen.
It was an example to the eye, as it was forbidden.

The wind breeze leaves, until I calculated it
He comes breathing, sweetheart

So what is the rest of the wind that you are in
And what does not prevent the strings to sing

And you are still disordered by the regret if they spread
And they rested, urging a star

You were gracious by the cups against them,
So they could not give you generosity about you

Not to disclose the bird

Ibn Khafaga
Did the bird not disclose, even to address,
And the branch drank for him, until he was troubled

So, he drew rituals between shadows
Moist and water there is bent

Take a walk in the garden, Semen's sister
And condemn the swirl, Mother of Tarab

And pregnant from the daughters of canna
Amalid bear fresh vegetables

Repent, spruce, for an excuse.
Zahira laughs about Shanab

And she was blown away by the boy
Buttered fruit with gold

They breathed again,
And sometimes it flirted with them closely

He smiled in a satisfactory state
Ana is looking for anger