Health effects of smoking


  • 1 heart attack or stroke
  • 2 diseases of the mouth and throat
  • 3 Respiratory diseases
  • 4 death
  • 5 References

Heart attack or stroke

During the smoking process, the poison in the tar in cigarettes is introduced into human blood, causing the following: [1]
  • It made blood thicker, thus increasing the chance of stroke.
  • Increased body blood pressure and heart rate, making the heart work harder than usual.
  • Narrowing the arteries, reducing the amount of oxygen needed for blood circulation around the body's organs.
Note: clot formation and narrowing of the arteries caused by smoking may result in strokes or heart attacks.

Oral and throat diseases

Smoking can cause many gum diseases and unpleasant mouth problems, such as: bad breath, change in the color of the teeth, as well as the sense of taste in the smoker, in addition to an increased risk of developing lip cancer, tongue, throat and esophagus, which is one of the most serious damages that can It is caused by smoking in the mouth, so that more than 93% of pharyngeal cancer injuries are caused by smoking. [1]

respiratory system diseases

Inhaling cigarette smoke leads to eating substances that can cause damage to the lungs over time, leading to a number of different health problems, in addition to that smokers are more likely to develop chronic lung diseases, such as: emphysema and destruction of the alveoli in it, and bronchitis Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer, and others. It should also be noted that children of parents who smoke are more likely to develop coughs, asthma, bronchitis, and lung infections than other children whose parents do not smoke. [2]


Smoking cigarettes affects the health of the body and increases the risk of death for both men and women, according to the different health causes that lead to it. All lung cancer deaths, and 80% of all deaths from COPD. [3]