Henna drawing methods


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Henna is one of the natural dyes used to dye hair, or to tattoo the tattoo on the hands, or on any other part of the body, according to the woman’s desire. This dye is extracted from the henna plant, which is one of the beneficial plants, especially when it is used to dye hair. Many countries usually consider henna painting by the bride from the ceremony that precedes the wedding party, because it brings luck to the newlyweds when they are placed one day before the wedding ceremony, and there are many ways to draw henna, and in different shapes and sizes, and hereinafter we will enumerate some of these. [1]

Benefits of henna

Benefits of henna for hair include: [2]
  • Healing wounds: : One of the most prominent uses of henna is to protect the skin from infections and eliminate them, it has been used since ancient times in the treatment of burns and wounds; it produces a protective layer on the wound against diseases and germs, thereby preventing a person is infected, in addition to containing cooling properties reduce temperatures In the burned areas of the body, this makes them one of the best treatments for sunburn.
  • Hypothermia: It has great cooling and absorbing high temperatures, which makes it one of the best natural remedies for fever.
  • Reducing headache: The extract extracted from the henna plant proves its effective ability to relieve headache pain, by applying a little of this extract to the skin, and it has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce stress and promote proper blood flow in the capillaries.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Henna oil is used topically for arthritis and rheumatic pain. As you age, the person will experience various pain in his body, especially in the bones and muscles, and this leads to painful inflammation, which can be reduced by applying a little of the henna extract to the affected areas.

Henna drawing methods

To draw henna, do the following: [3]
  • The henna tincture is prepared by mixing a little of it with a quantity of water , until the mixture becomes similar to a mixture of hair dyes, and then it is placed in a drawing bag, or left in the bowl.
  • Use a toothpick, or any thin stick to paint different shapes.
  • Prepare the drawing on a paper first if it is in the form of roses, or different geometric shapes, and then transfer the drawing to the hand in fine and light lines, using a dye, or an ink pen, as this facilitates the drawing process with henna, and also to avoid errors.
  • Put the oud on henna, then start drawing on the desired part of the body, and continue until the completion of the required drawing.
  • Leave the henna on the hands to dry completely, and avoid contact with water, to avoid fading.