Herpes disease

What is herpes?

_ Herpes disease defined as a virus that usually infects the skin from time to time repeatedly, herpes disease causes many damages and severe consequences from infections and ulcers in many parts of the body.

_ Herpes disease affects in many cases the mouth, herpes spreads around the mouth , affects the face, and often reaches the genitals, which makes sores and infections painful and annoying for many and makes the pain disturb them, and affects the area of ​​the buttocks in the body, just as the herpes disease can spread over Skin throughout the body, and this creates ugliness to the outlook, permanent anxiety and pain.

_ As for the form of herpes disease and how it is spread on the skin, shall be in the form of pills and blisters distributed in the affected area tends to color flushes with the accumulation of fluid within these pimples, and also be in the form of blisters harmful and offensive.

_ There is a high possibility of infection with herpes, the patient who has recovered from this disease in the future.

Types of herpes

Herpes disease is divided into two parts, or herpes disease is divided into two types, namely:

The first type:

_ Oral herpes: This type of herpes disease is concerned with ulcers and pimples stored fluids within them, which affect the mouth and face

_ Herpes oral infection is rare among people, and if the infection occurred it is at its initial start showing signs of infection with herpes and it is very clear sores, and this infection is caused by contact with a person with herpes and this infection extends up to twenty days at a maximum.

Symptoms of oral herpes

Symptoms of infection with oral herpes and the factors that stimulate infection:

Severe numbness of the affected area

Severe itching

Feeling of burning in the affected area

_ fever

_ Psychological stress causing infection with herpes

Exposure to the hot sun

_ Treatment of diseases laser makes infection with herpes comes from time to time

Symptoms of sexual herpes

_ This type of herpes appears as a rash, itching and strong tingling in the affected area, skin ulcers in the affected areas, pain in the joints and muscles, feeling very burning when urinating,

_ The exposure of the victim to trauma, psychological pressures, and physical and sexual fatigue, and his exposure to diseases of the kidneys, heart, liver, and high body temperature, are all factors and causes of genital herpes

Complications caused by herpes if not treated

_ Herpes disease if the patient does not immediately cure his infection and his exposure to many serious complications, including:

_ Tumors and enlargement of the genitals infected with herpes.

_ Herpes disease if not treated causes miscarriage of a pregnant woman if she has herpes

_ Significant and significant deformities in the areas affected by herpes

Herpes makes the patient infected with hepatitis and meningitis

Cancer of the genitals

_ Infection in the eyes, if they have herpes, this causes them to experience severe itching and strong pain as a result of the infection of the cornea with herpes.