How attractive a woman


  • 1 ways to make women attractive
  • 2 habits that make women attractive
  • 3 methods of care that make women attractive
  • 4 References

Ways to make women attractive

There are ways to make a woman attractive: [1]
  • Direct eye contact: whether with a life partner or with other people, helps boost self-confidence.
  • Focus on dynamic gravity: As physical beauty is an essential component of gravity, the expression of smile and the presence of expressive eyes have a positive effect, whereas dynamic gravity focuses on expressing underlying emotions and personality, and also enhances personal charisma.

Habits that make women attractive

  • Always caring about new things, reading new books, or watching movies, as these are attractive factors.
  • A sense of humor, a laughing face and a sense of humor are factors of attraction because everyone loves humor, so a person should not always have a sharp temper.
  • The detection of wrists, as they contain glands that emit pheromones that attract others.

Care methods that make women attractive

There are ways of caring that make women attractive, and these include: [2] [3]
  • Keeping skin soft and shiny, trimming nails, and cutting hair constantly.
  • Wearing fashion clothes and beautiful dresses, this enhances the beauty that expresses the character.
  • Walk with balance so that the back is straight, and the head slightly raised.
  • Skin care , by allocating five minutes a day in the morning and evening to face care by washing, moisturizing and removing makeup before bed.
  • Take a daily shower, wash hair regularly, make sure to remove body hair, and apply deodorant after shower.
  • Show a beautiful smile, as it is the best way to show beauty while ensuring that the teeth remain white by cleaning them twice daily while cleaning the tongue, and using floss every night, and using mouthwash at night and drinking water regularly.
  • Exercise to have a harmonious body, as endorphins that help you feel confident and beautiful are released through exercise.
  • Cosmetic application that promotes beautiful appearance.
  • Pay attention to hairstyle.