How beautiful women are


  • 1 Feeling beautiful
  • 2 Pay attention to the beauty of appearance
  • 3 beauty of personal traits
  • 4 References

Feeling beautiful

The first step for natural beauty lies in the subjective sense of the self, meaning the self-image, and this depends on the girl herself, so she must feel her beauty simply. For example, when she sees herself beautiful, and she accepts herself completely, without any restrictions, the whole world will feel the same thing, and if she does not feel confident And rest in the event that it is not used for any cosmetic products, then it must gradually acclimatise to its natural form, and it is indicated that the face should be rested during the leave through the use of the least amount of cosmetic products, and the desire to smile always. [1]

Attention to the beauty of appearance

There are some tips that can help a woman to be beautiful looking: [2]
  • Use a face care professional to help treat signs of aging effectively, including sun damage, wrinkles.
  • The use of strong sunscreen in summer, as sun protection factors are the first line of protection for the skin, due to the presence of antioxidants that fight free radicals.
  • Use a good lipstick.
  • Use distinctive perfumes regularly.
  • Eyebrows shaping in a balanced way.
  • Cut hair regularly every about 6-8 weeks.
  • Learn how to wrap eyelashes.
  • Facial skin care: dense cosmetics make the skin worse, as a result of using different types of creams that may lead to uneven skin color and enlarging pores. This requires daily washing of the face, and the use of appropriate cleansers for the skin, which makes it soft and helps to narrow the pores, in addition to Care to wash the face that contributes to removing dirt, and therefore it is necessary to use a moisturizer on a daily basis, and it is recommended to use a cleaning brush, as it helps to remove dead skin, dirt, and oils better compared to cleaning with hands only, and makes the skin less dry, but it is recommended to Zlea and dried after use and replaced every 3 months. [3]
  • Finding a special style in clothes, and wearing appropriate clothes. [4]
  • Choose luxury shoes, accessories carefully. [5]
  • Ensure personal hygiene including bathing, cleaning the body, ears, mouth, hair, feet and clothes, in addition to trimming nails. [6]

Beauty, personality traits

There are some qualities that make a woman beautiful without the need for cosmetics: [7]
  • Passion, women without passion seem boring.
  • Compassion and a sense of others.
  • Intelligence and the pursuit of knowledge and truth.
  • Lovable fun soul.
  • Flexibility, persistence, and refusal to surrender.
  • Self confidence.
  • Energy and vitality.
  • Frequent smiling. [4]
  • Help others. [4]
  • Not to imitate others. [4]