How do I do a diet in Ramadan


  • 1 overweight and obesity
  • 2 diet in Ramadan
    • 2.1 The Suhoor program
    • 2.2 Breakfast program
  • 3 tips to lose weight in Ramadan

Overweight and obesity

The problem of excess weight is one of the problems that a large number of people suffer from, which negatively affects their health and strength, and causes their constant feeling of fatigue and exhaustion, and the inability to carry out even the simplest daily activities, but with the advent of the month of Ramadan, many people strive to start losing weight And find it an opportunity to follow diets to lose weight, and in this article we will mention a healthy program for dieting in the month of Ramadan.

Diet in Ramadan

Suhoor program

  • Day 1: A pear or orange, and a glass of yogurt with oat flakes.
  • Day 2: A glass of fresh juice, a quarter of a loaf of wheat bread, three grains of dates, and three tablespoons of beans.
  • Day 3: Two grains of apricots, a banana, five dates, and a glass of curd.
  • Fourth day: an orange, a cup of curd, a quarter of a loaf of bread, and a boiled egg.
  • Fifth Day: Two glasses of water, seven dates, and one cup of skim milk.
  • Day 6: A dish of vegetable salad, a quarter of a loaf of bread, and five tablespoons of Quraish cheese.
  • Day 7: One grain of fruit, a loaf of bread with a little butter, and a cup of skim milk mixed with coffee.

Breakfast program

  • The first day: a piece of grilled meat, a bowl of salad, two pieces of samosas in the oven, and a dish of low-fat soup.
  • Day 2: Five tablespoons of rice, forty grams of bread, a samosa in the oven, a piece of grilled chicken, and a cup of low-fat soup.
  • Day 3: A grapefruit, or orange, and a piece of meat, chicken, or boiled fish.
  • Fourth day: one grain of fruit, a plate of fresh salad, three tablespoons of rice, and two pieces of grilled fish.
  • Fifth day: a plate of green salad, two pieces of meat, and five tablespoons of pasta.
  • Day 6: Two grains of katayef or baklava, a dish of boiled vegetable soup, and two pieces of grilled chicken.
  • Day 7: A small piece of kunafa, a salad platter or a dish of grilled vegetables, a piece of grilled or boiled chicken, three tablespoons of rice, and a dish of fat-free soup.

Tips to lose weight in Ramadan

  • We eat breakfast in two batches, we start with two dates and a glass of water, so the stomach becomes full and there is no desire to eat a large amount of food.
  • Eat the second batch of food after performing the Maghrib prayer, until the signals of satiety reach the brain.
  • Drink plenty of water, and eat fresh, sugar-free natural juices such as apples and oranges.
  • Exercising before breakfast, because it reduces weight and eliminates fat, such as walking for at least half an hour.
  • Eat meals that contain green leaves, such as: watercress and lettuce, because they are considered calorie-burning.
  • Eat a cup of warm lemon or green tea once at suhoor, and once at dinner, to eliminate excess calories and facilitate digestion.