How do I know the diamond stone


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  • 2 Diamond Inspection Methods
    • 2.1 Scratch test
    • 2.2 Fog test
    • 2.3 Fire test
    • 2.4 UV test
    • 2.5 Thermal conductivity test
    • 2.6 Electrical conductivity test
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It is one of the most famous gemstones ever since ancient times, as it is a graphite element that was exposed to compelling environmental conditions that made it turn into what are called diamonds, and its name came from the Greek word (ADAMAS) which means unbreakable, and diamonds are characterized by its hardness and its high ability to scatter light, Which made it the focus of attention in the jewelry industry and other industrial applications. [1]

Diamond inspection methods

Some methods used to check diamonds include:

Scratch test

Due to the strength and hardness of diamonds, it can easily affect the scratch on any piece of glass, so the scratch test is conducted by placing a piece of crystal glass on the base and using the diamond piece to be examined to scratch the surface of the glass, but this method is not effective because there are other gems that have the same effect On the glass. [2]

Fog test

Heat dissipation is one of the characteristics of diamonds, as diamonds distribute the heat that is exposed to it quickly, which makes the fog on it difficult. The fog test is one of the easiest diamond tests. From two seconds, this indicates that the diamond is counterfeit. [2]

Fire test

In this test, the diamond stone is heated by flame for 30 seconds and then thrown in cold water. If the diamond is real, it will not affect it unlike other materials that will be destroyed immediately. This property is due to the exposure of diamonds when they are formed to extreme heat and great pressure over the years. [2]

UV test

Some diamonds sparkle blue in the event of exposure to ultraviolet radiation, but as mentioned earlier, it is not necessary that the diamond stone be fake if there is no interaction with ultraviolet radiation. [3]

Thermal conductivity test

Diamond stone is a good thermal conductor, distributing heat quickly after it is heated, unlike other stones that distribute heat at a slower rate. However, this examination is not always effective, as the artificial moissanite stone distributes heat at an equal rate for diamonds. [3]

Electrical conductivity test

Diamonds are an effective conductor of electricity unlike other precious stones, and therefore this test conducted by professionals is effective in examining the true extent of diamonds. [3]