How do I know gold from Alfalso


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    • 1.1 Distinguish between real gold and phyto
    • 1.2 Methods used to find true gold from Alfalso
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Gold is considered a unique element of its kind, as it has many characteristics that distinguish it from other elements, the most important of which is that it is not affected by rust, and this is what proves its existence in our time through the ages and times, in addition to the bright shine that is characterized by it, and there are many means which help people to differentiate between gold and real gold Alvalso or adulterated, and this will be explained in this article. [1]

Differentiate between real gold and phyto

These steps are useful in differentiating between real gold and balsam when buying, explaining the following: [2]
  • Gold is not attracted to a magnet or the like, and this is what distinguishes it most from other elements, as the magnet is directed towards the gold at the time of purchase to find out whether it is pure gold or not.
  • Precious jewelery contains a sign that stamps the gold piece to indicate the region or country from which it was issued, where this signal is located at the end of the piece at the corner like a clamp, it can only be seen through the magnifying lens, so it must be examined well with the magnifying glass before buying.
  • Increasing the weight of the gold and increasing its weight above the usual evidence that it is adulterated, preferably presented to a gold expert.
  • It is not affected by the colors adjacent to it, so if it is passed in front of white ceramics and another color appears, this is evidence that it is not real gold.
  • It is known that gold does not melt in the acids it is exposed to, so it is advisable to examine it in nitric acid, and if the piece is dissolved in it then this is a clear proof that it is not gold.

Followed methods to find real gold from Alfalso

Followed methods to find real gold from Alfalso: [3]
  • Knowledge of clear gold from the smell: Real gold has no smell, unlike what is known about alfalo, when buying a piece, it is preferable to smell its smell, and if a strong smell appears as sulfur, then this is evidence that it is the sound.
  • Knowing the real gold from the elves in water : Prepare a cup of water and put the golden piece inside it. If it is fixed at the bottom of the cup, this is clear evidence that it is real gold, but if it moves from its place, then this is evidence that it is the voice.
  • Knowing real gold vinegar: This is done through the availability of some tools in the kitchen, and here we will explain the method:
    • Dust and dirt are removed from the gold to be examined with a clean cloth and washed with water, until thoroughly cleaned.
    • Add two or three drops of vinegar to the small piece of gold, but if it is a large piece, put it in a large container containing vinegar.
    • The color of the beans becomes black when exposed to vinegar, but if it is real gold, it will remain conservative to its color, as it is not affected by the external factors affecting it, and does not interact with oxygen.
  • Rinse with cold water, clean the vinegar with a cloth, and then dry it.