How do I look beautiful and elegant


  • 1 hair care
  • 2 skin care
  • 3 Use makeup
  • 4 Stand upright and sit upright
  • 5 lip care
  • 6 Choose clothes
  • 7 References

hair care

Women should take care of their hair to prevent tangles, frizz and weakness, so it is advised to avoid using commercial products that contain harmful and toxic chemicals that harm the hair , and replace them with natural materials, or hair care products that are made from organic materials that are not carcinogens, Also, the moisture of the hair must be kept constant through massaging the scalp with Argan oil. In addition, the hair masks that are used in the preparation of coconut oil, almond oil, or olive oil must be used, [1] and it should be noted that elegant hairstyles must be chosen Qula, to match the dress style, and highlight its beauty. [2]

Skin care

The skin must be taken special care, and among the things that must be followed to preserve the skin are the following: [1]
  • Cleaning the skin twice a day to get rid of dead cells and other factors harmful to the skin, preferably using organic materials that are free of chemicals to clean the skin, such as: milk protein.
  • Keep skin hydrated, and use a spray to moisturize the skin from the outside.
  • Massage the skin regularly.
  • Avoid eating refined foods and replace them with fresh foods.

Use makeup

A light layer of makeup should be applied , as it is possible to apply concealer, foundation and powder to unify the color of the skin, taking into account the reduction of the use of shine, and eye shades and lipsticks must also be light, and it is preferable to use neutral colors such as gray, brown, In addition, a little eyeliner and a thin layer of mascara should be used. As for formal occasions, an illuminated lipstick can be used. [2]

Stand upright and stand upright

Self-confidence is considered one of the most important factors of attractiveness and beauty , as a confident person makes other people communicate with him, and self-confidence can be enhanced by standing upright, sitting upright, and looking directly before him, as a study in social psychology published in 2009 indicated in Europe indicates that people who sit up straight feel more confident about what they are talking about. [3]

Lip care

Care must be taken of the lips and their hydration by applying the moisturizing cream for the lips to look soft and attractive, and without the need to use lipstick, in addition to that the peeling of the lips must be preserved with a small brush, then rub it with a moisturizer. [3]

Choose clothes

The shape of the body must be taken into consideration when choosing clothes, as women's body shapes are categorized into several forms, and each shape is suitable for a specific type of clothing, and among these problems are: [4]
  • Pear shape: in which the fat is concentrated in the legs, thighs and hips, while the upper half of the body is skinny, you must choose clothes that balance the lower and upper halves, so you should wear clothes that are wound to the upper part of the body such as wearing bright colors.
  • The shape of an apple: Fat is concentrated around the waist , so clothing must be worn that draws attention to other parts of the body, so that attention is reduced to the waist. For example, shirts or dresses that contain a V-neck can be worn to give the upper part length, as well as Vests can be worn, and a special corset is preferred for the waist.
  • Sporty Letter H: features broad shoulders and pelvis, so you should choose clothes that draw attention to the waist, and avoid clothes that accentuate the lower body and shoulders.