How do I make my hair fall out


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Recipes to prevent hair loss

There are many recipes that work to treat hair loss , including the following: [1]
  • Massage the scalp with oils, such as the original olive oil, castor oil, and almond oil, where the oil mixture strengthens hair roots, and prevents split ends, breakage, and hair fall.
  • Onion juice, and it is placed directly on the hair, after mixing it with an appropriate amount of aloe vera oil, and a spoon of olive oil, and left on the hair for half an hour, so that the process is repeated twice a week, and onion juice contains a large percentage of sulfur, which stimulates the blood circulation in The scalp, helps to accelerate the regeneration of hair follicles, and reduces the occurrence of infections that cause hair loss.
  • Coconut milk is one of the ingredients rich in proteins and essential fatty substances that enhance the health of hair and prevent hair loss.
  • Sesame oil. Sesame oil is one of the most effective oils in preventing hair loss and strengthening the roots by applying it to the hair in the evening before going to sleep, and rinsing the hair with water the next morning.

Tips to reduce hair loss

There are many tips that can be followed to reduce hair loss, including the following: [2]
  • Eat a healthy food that contains all the essential nutrients for healthy hair, especially minerals and vitamins, such as: iron, copper, zinc, vitamin A, and vitamin E.
  • Doing physical exercise to promote blood circulation in the head and maintain scalp nutrition.
  • Not using excessive chemicals on hair, such as: shampoos, conditioners, chemical dyes, creams, and gels.
  • Avoid stress, fatigue, stress, and keep nerves as quiet as possible.
  • Avoid practicing cosmetic steps that change the nature of hair, such as: straightening, curling and waveing.
  • Not making difficult and complicated hairdos, especially those that stretch hair and exhaust its roots.
  • Treat hair gently while washing it, and do not rub it severely.
  • Avoid using the hair dryer on a daily basis.
  • Avoid washing hair with very hot water, which opens the pores of the scalp and facilitates hair loss.
  • Comb the hair with a wide tooth comb, or a gentle hair brush on it.

Hair loss

Hair loss is considered one of the most troublesome problems for men and women alike, because hair is a beauty secret, and its density is a measure of gravity, and therefore hair loss causes embarrassment to many people, and they are obsessed with fear of baldness, and there are many reasons that cause hair to fall out, It loses its density, including what is hereditary related to genes, some of which are due to psychological factors such as anxiety, stress, and insomnia, and some that relate to the abuse of hair, such as hairdressing with force and violence, the use of poor hair products, excessive use of hair dryer, or loss Lots of nutrients The task of hair health and root strength. [3]