How do I make my hands beautiful


  • 1 Wash your hands
  • 2 Use of refreshments
  • 3 strengthening and trimming the nails
  • 4 exfoliation
  • 5 Wear gloves
  • 6 hand care tips
  • 7 References

cleaning hands

The outer layer of the skin often contains dead skin cells, surrounded by the natural oils produced by the living cells in the lower layer, and these oils act as a protective shield to preserve water inside the body, and this means that the outer layer does not contain enough natural oils leading to dry skin It is cracked and itchy, and it is indicated that washing hands with very hot water will get rid of germs and dirt and strip the natural oils from the hands at the same time, and it is correct to wash them with warm water with good soap - not strong, and then dry them through gentle soaking Without rubbing. [1]

Using refreshments

Cold temperatures as well as the sun lead to dry skin on the hands, so it is advisable to apply them when exiting with a sunscreen with a protection degree of 15 (SPF 15), and a good moisturizer component: Vaseline, glycerin and methicon, one of which is used by applying a thick layer of it to the hands before Sleeping, wearing cotton gloves that allow the skin to breathe, and when not having gloves, socks can be worn instead. [2]

Strengthen and trim nails

Nails are formed by the growth of new cells deep under the skin, so that old dead cells appear and expel, and the rate of nail growth varies from person to person, due to several factors, including: hormones and temperature, where they grow faster during the summer season, but during the aging period The growth of the nails becomes slow, and to enhance the growth and strength of the nails, vitamin B complex can be used, according to Elizabeth Tanzi, associate director of the Washington Institute of Dermatology, and it is indicated that the nails should be trimmed every two weeks or when the need arises. [2]


Peeling hands can be done to remove dead skin cells and enhance their shine in several ways, including: mixing a teaspoon of olive oil with a similar amount of sugar and half a lemon juice, then rubbing the hands with the mixture once a week, and you can rub the hands after moistening them with sugar alone or salt, then Rinse them. [3]

Wear gloves

Wearing gloves is one of the things that helps in maintaining the beauty of the hands, and some tips related to this: [4]
  • Gloves should be worn cold in winter to protect hands from drying and cracking.
  • Be sure to wear rubber gloves while doing housework that uses chemical cleaners to protect hands from exposure to chemicals harmful to the skin.
  • Gloves for cleaning the garden should be worn while cleaning the garden and doing agricultural work in it.
  • It is advisable to put the moisturizer on the hands before wearing any type of gloves, as this will increase the softness of the hands.

Hand care tips

There are certain things that we must consider to care for hands, which are the following: [5] [1]
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet: We are careful to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, especially foods rich in vitamin C, because it maintains the health and flexibility of the body.
  • Drink enough water: Because water keeps the body and skin hydrated.
  • Protecting the skin from sunlight: Exposure to sunlight causes darkening of the skin, and the increase of melanin secretion, so we protect our skin by applying sunscreen, using long clothes to protect from the sun, and choosing the appropriate makeup.
  • After finishing the housework, rub your hands with a little lemon juice , olive oil and sugar. This mixture will exfoliate the skin, remove dead skin, make your hands smooth, and lighten the complexion.
  • Do not wear tight rings, or poor types that leave a gray color on the skin.
  • Rub your hands from the wrist to the tips of the fingers, using a moisturizing cream or olive oil, or Vaseline, two or three times a week, and focus on the fingers, so that you massage each one separately, to stimulate the blood circulation.