How do I preserve the beauty of my hair


  • 1 Clean and moisturize the hair
  • 2 Get rid of dandruff
  • 3 hair cut regularly
  • 4 Comb the hair
  • 5 Use hair oils
  • 6 References

Clean and moisturize hair

Washing hair helps clean the scalp, and attention must be paid when washing the hair to the scalp and not to the ends of the hair. Also, attention must be paid to the amount of shampoo that should be used, which depends on the length of the hair, as excessive use of shampoo causes hair to dry, because it works to Removal of all essential oils responsible for moisturizing the hair, and granting a natural sheen, the number of times that hair is washed varies according to its type, and it is advised to wash it once, or twice a week, and a good moisturizer should be put on the burner after washing, and dry the wet hair with a clean towel before applying the moisturizer to it, with Focus on hair tips more. [1]

Get rid of dandruff

Dandruff is a common problem for many people, especially in winter, which is the white skin falling from the scalp, where a person needs to use many techniques to remove dandruff, to preserve his beauty and health, so many hair products, such as shampoo, and moisturizers available in The market that helps alleviate this problem, and in the event that these products are not successful, a person can think of stronger solutions such as nizoral, or use traditional prescriptions to treat dandruff such as neem egg yolk, or black pepper. [2]

Cut hair regularly

It is recommended to cut hair regularly to maintain its health and beauty, and although it is said that cutting hair regularly helps make it grow faster, this is incorrect, but cutting hair helps make hair tidy, and hair can be cut once every six to eight Weeks, to remove any split ends. [3]

Combing Hair

It is recommended to use brushes with plastic bristles, because it helps to avoid hair breakage due to the static electricity that is produced from the non-metallic brushes, and the best way to comb the hair is by combing the ends to remove any tangles, then combing from the roots of the hair to the ends, as doing so will help to distribute The natural oil in the hair properly, and thus to prevent breakage. [4]

Using hair oils

Using hair oils is a common way to promote healthy and beautiful hair growth, as it works to regulate the amount of oil produced by the oil gland in the scalp that produces the oil, then moisturizes the hair and scalp, and a little coconut oil, almond, or oil can be used Olives for the scalp and the ends of the hair. Applying a large amount of oil will make it look unpleasant. If a person has dry hair, he can apply the oil when the hair is wet to maintain moisture and protect it from breakage. [1]