How do I start a harsh diet


  • 1 severe diet to lose weight
  • 2 harsh dieting instructions
  • 3 weekly order
    • 3.1 The first day
    • 3.2 The second day
    • 3.3 The third day
    • 3.4 Fourth Day
    • 3.5 Fifth Day
    • 3.6 The Sixth Day
    • 3.7 The Seventh Day

A severe diet to lose weight

The consideration of eating nutrients and taking the body’s need of vitamins and proteins in the diet is not due to the negative impact on the vital functions and activities of the body as long as the individual follows it without any limitation or neglect of any meal, so today we brought you a fast and severe diet followed by a large number of people, and the weight Lost in this diet is real and is not quickly restored, as it mainly depends on burning fat from the body completely, so regaining the lost weight is difficult.

The harsh dieting instructions

  • Bring crushed flax seeds to the salad.
  • Eating yogurt is Octavia, as it contributes to facilitating digestion and body tension.
  • Eat sugar-free coffee and tea.
  • Drinking about eight glasses of water on a daily basis.
  • Doing a quarter-hour walking exercise on a daily basis to tighten the muscles of the body.
  • Diet drinks should not be taken, as they are negative for dieting.
  • If there is a necessity to add sugar, it should be devoted to the diet and as little as possible.
  • Eat slowly to reach satiety faster and with less food.
  • Two hours before a meal, it is preferable to eat only one type of vegetable, such as lettuce or cucumber.
  • Eat soft herbs to avoid constipation.
  • Avoid eating sweets, as they contain sugar that will destroy the system and slow down the desired results.

Weekly order

Breakfast: Breakfast is fixed in this system and should not be changed. It is a medium-sized cucumber, and two boiled eggs with a few slices of mortadella.

First day

  • Lunch: a salad bowl, devoid of each of the carrots - because it contains a large number of calories - and tomatoes - as they contain a high percentage of salts that cause fluid retention in the body -.
  • Dinner: eat a can of laxative Activia milk for digestion, with a piece of meat free of salt and grilled.

the second day

  • Lunch: add ground flaxseed to a yogurt tray, with grilled chicken breast.
  • Dinner: a green salad bowl containing lettuce, cucumber, parsley and pepper, in addition to cabbage with eating two boiled eggs.

the third day

  • Lunch: 80 grams of cottage cheese.
  • Dinner: Have a piece of chicken breast, either boiled or grilled.

the fourth day

  • Lunch: Eat one or two kiwis.
  • Dinner: add 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed to a yogurt tray, preferably Activia, with a small can of tuna filtered from the oils.

The fifth day

  • Lunch: prepare a bowl of boiled vegetables.
  • Dinner: a can of tuna filtered from oils, or you can exchange tuna and have a fish replaced with a bowl of salad and a yogurt tray.

the sixth day

  • Lunch: prepare a salad bowl with added flaxseeds, with a slice of boiled meat.
  • Dinner: prepare a dish of shawarma and avoid eating bread with it.

the seventh day

  • Lunch: Eat boiled chicken breast, and prepare a green salad dish with a box of yogurt.
  • Dinner: eat a yogurt tray with a little slices of mortadella.