How Indians care their hair


  • 1 Indians' interest in their hair
  • 2 ways the Indians take care of their hair
    • 2.1 Bananas
    • 2.2 Al- Bhar
    • 2.3 Aloe vera
    • 2.4 Coconut oil
    • 2.5 castor oil
    • 2.6 Tea
    • 2.7 olive oil and lemon juice

Indians caring for their hair

The Indian woman has remained an example in the beauty of her hair, strength and intensity in the whole world, and she still maintains this feature that has made the eyes of women wanting to have healthy, dense hair going to her, a desire of them to know the secret of preserving her hair, and the methods of proper care that Follow them, and in this article we will mention some of the natural recipes and ways in which Indian women resort to take care of her hair, but these methods must be associated with good nutrition and the use of gentle lotions on the hair.

How Indians care their hair

the banana

Bananas are among the foods that are very popular with the Indian people, and it is one of the secrets of the beauty of hair and skin they have, because it contains essential nutrients such as proteins and mineral salts, the most important of which are: zinc, manganese, iron and selenium.


It is known that the Indian people are fond of consuming hot spices, which in turn gives hair strength and density, because it stimulates the circulation of blood circulation in the body and the scalp, and this increases the strength and activity of follicles, and stimulates the growth of new strong hair, and among the most prominent of these spices: red hot pepper powder , Ground turmeric.


Aloe vera is widely used in thickening and strengthening hair in Indian women. They take the pulp of aloe vera and boil it with sesame oil, then massage their hair with this mixture on a daily basis.

Coconut Oil

It is known that coconut oil is one of the important oils to take care of the beauty of the hair, as it stimulates its growth, stimulates the work of follicles, and gives shine to the hair that lasts for long hours, in addition to the pleasant smell that it gives to the hair, where Indian women wash their hair well, then massage it with nut oil India, leaving it all day long to get strong and thick hair.

Castor oil

Castor oil has a strong effect on hair follicles, as it stimulates its growth, and makes it appear healthier and stronger, so castor oil is one of the essential oils that Indian women use to make a hair bath for their hair on a weekly basis, and when using castor oil take into account the type of hair.


One of the most important recipes that enhance the strength and growth of hair is washing the hair with tea, as it is the secret of the Indian women in treating split ends, dehydration, and their way to obtain soft and silky hair.

Olive oil and lemon juice

Olive oil is one of the natural oils that enhance hair growth, and gives it permanent strength and shine, and lemon stimulates the work of follicles, and makes them more active, which produces thick, strong hair within a few weeks of use.