How to be handsome


  • 1 Caring for hair
  • 2 Wear appropriate clothing
  • 3 skin care
  • 4 Eat healthy food
  • 5 References

Caring for hair

Most men perform wrong behavior related to the use of shampoo available in the bathroom, whether for one of their parents, or their wives, or any of the residents of the house, and since obtaining beautiful hair adds more decoration to the man, it is important that he begins caring about his hair, and search for the type of shampoo appropriate for him, Use conditioner to keep his hair healthy, and stop using hair styling products that contain alcohol and that cause hair tangles. [1]

Wear appropriate clothes

Clothing is one of the things that every man must take care of in order to appear in a handsome appearance. Research has shown that three important things must be focused upon when selecting new clothes, and they are as follows: to be attractive and elegant, to be appropriate to the size and shape of the body, and to appear more formal, with The importance of keeping it clean, ironed, and free from defects. [2]

Skin care

Skin should be taken care of and cleaned on a daily basis to get rid of oils and dirt that clog pores and cause acne, by using a gentle lotion free from harmful chemicals to clean the face, and using a skin-friendly moisturizer for men to maintain moisture throughout the day, preferably choosing the type of moisturizer that It is combined with sunscreen to facilitate the daily skin care routine, in addition to finding a suitable skin care hand cream which is usually thicker in men than in women. [3]

Eat healthy food

The diet followed greatly affects the skin, as an unhealthy diet based on fast food and alcohol causes spots, grains, abscesses, and breaks of capillaries, in addition to dry skin, especially after exceeding the twenties, and to avoid this and have beautiful and soft skin like children Men are advised to follow a healthy and appropriate diet, and drink large quantities of water. [1]