How to check gold


  • 1 gold
  • 2 ways to check gold
    • 2.1 Use of the acid solution
    • 2.2 Detecting with the naked eye
    • 2.3 Magnetism test
  • 3 facts about gold
  • 4 Gold-like metal
  • 5 References


It is a bright yellow metal with a bright color that is found in nature almost pure, has many advantages that made it a precious chemical element, in addition to its attractive color, it is a flexible element , easy to form and formulate, it is not subject to oxidation and deformation as it is one of the most dense metals and is a good conductor of electricity and heat . [1] Gold is one of the oldest known minerals, as the Egyptians knew it since 3400 BC, as it was a sign of a person's wealth and an indication of his beauty, and they used it to cover the coffin of the pharaoh upon his death. [2]

Methods of checking gold

Use of acid solution

The falsehood of gold is revealed by pouring the acid solution onto it, and when it changes color to black, this is evidence that it is not gold, but it may be adulterated. [3]

Naked eye detection

Gold is distinguished by its striking color, so it is revealed in view of its color, and the presence of stamped writings on it indicating its karat, in addition to its weight using the scale, where gold is one of the elements of high density, so it should give a logical and correct reading on the scale depending on the size of the weighted piece. [4]

Magnetism test

Gold is an element that is not attracted to a magnet, and this helped reduce its forgery, and the ease of detecting the possibility of fraud, as the process requires only a small magnet and a piece of doubtful gold, but this method cannot be relied upon a lot as there are some basic minerals that are not attracted to the magnet. [4]

Gold facts

  • Atomic number of gold is 79 and its chemical symbol (Au). [5]
  • The density of gold is 19.3g / cm³.
  • Transitional metal in solid state at room temperature.
  • Gold melting point (1064.18 ° C).

Gold-like metal

The mineral pyrite is called gold idiots as it is very similar to the gold metal, but it is more solid and fragile than it, contains in its composition sulfur and iron, so when doing a crushing will produce a powder with a greenish-black color while producing a powder with a yellow color when you crush the gold. [5]