How to clean gold


  • 1 gold
  • 2 ways to clean gold
    • 2.1 Warm water and clear means
    • 2.2 Ammonia
    • 2.3 toothpaste


Gold is the precious yellow metal, which is distinguished by its luster and shine, and is one of the most used minerals in the jewelry industry, in which women adorn mostly, and was used in the past in the form of coins that are traded like cash, and today gold has become a guaranteed area for investment, whether on the global stock exchange (Forex), The investment is short-term, or saving it at home for years, it is known that the price of gold is constantly increasing, and it is one of the elements that are not affected by moisture and air, as it is dormant in reactions unless it finds a stimulating medium in the reaction, in addition to its resistance to mineral acids, but it dissolves in concentrated acids , This is a good choice for use in jewelry, but with time it accumulates dirt, dust, and perhaps body secretions when you wear them continuously, Vtvd luster, making it need cleaning to regain its luster and brightness Almahudyn.

Gold cleaning methods

Warm water and clear means

Bring a bowl with warm water, add about a tablespoon of the clear liquid, then submerge the gold pieces with it for ten minutes, then take an old soft toothbrush, and rub the gold pieces with it, to remove dirt from its folds, but gently if it contains gemstones, To avoid falling, and also not to use hot water, so that the stones do not crack, then wash it with running water, and dry it well using a piece of cotton cloth, and you will notice the return of its luster and shine.


In a bowl, put water and ammonia in a six-to-one ratio, soak the gold jewelry pieces in it for only one minute, then rinse it well with running water, and dry it with a cotton cloth, and you should consider not using this method for jewelry that contains pearls or platinum, as well as not to use it frequently As ammonia is a strong substance that affects gold, so must the adherence to the stated criteria and the time period for soaking gold with ammonia solution.


Dissolve a little toothpaste in the water so that its people become somewhat watery, and use a soft toothbrush to scrub the golden pieces that contain engraved drawings, then rinse them with water and dry them well, but if the pieces are smooth on the surface, a cotton swab can be moistened with water diluted toothpaste and wipe with straight lines This method is best not to cause scratching.

Jewelry should be stored in its own boxes, and taken out when wearing it, to prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt on them, but if stained with stains and fats and the previous methods did not help, it is preferable to send them to the jeweler to clean them in a safe way, especially if they contain precious stones, or pearls.