How to eat with a fork and knife


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When a person eats his food at home, he does not feel the need to use a lot of eating utensils such as knife and fork, and he may be satisfied with the use of a spoon or his hands, but when he goes out to a specific occasion or a feast of dinner he is forced to use the fork and knife when eating his food, as a kind of prestige or literature Food has become not only limited to rich or high-end societies, but has expanded to reach all social classes, so the person must know how to use them, and eat with them even if they do not need them at home.

The way you eat with a fork and knife differs from one country to another. There is the European and American style, and each method differs from the other in simple details. Below we will explain how to use them in both ways.

How to eat with a fork and knife

European style

  • The fork is placed on the left side of the plate and the knife on the right side, and if there is more than one fork then the fork that is from the outside side is dedicated to eating salad, and the other is for the main course, and the two forks also differ in size; one of them is large and the other is small.
  • Holding the knife is with the right hand, to cut the food placed on the plate so that the index finger is placed on the knife straight from the top, and the rest of the fingers hold the handle of the knife, and if the person is left-handed reflects this method.
  • Holding the fork is with the left hand, so that the teeth of the fork are directed downward away from the person, and the index finger is placed on the fork straight, but it should not come too close to avoid touching food, and the other fingers are on the back side of the fork head, while holding the handle.
  • Bending the wrists so that the fingers of the index finger are pointing down towards the direction of the plate, and this makes the tip of the fork and the knife pointed toward the plate as well.
  • Squeeze the food using the fork to fix it, and then use the knife to cut it, especially if the food is meat or fish.
  • Pressing food to be picked up with a fork, such as boiled vegetables or any other light type of food, and using a knife to make it easier to handle and collect it.

American style

  • Holding the fork with the left hand only when cutting; unlike the European style, the American depends on holding the fork with the left hand and the knife with the right hand only when cutting the food, and then holding the fork with the right hand when eating and putting the knife on the plate until the end.
  • The rest of the steps are similar in both ways. The only difference between them is how to hold the fork and the knife, and in what direction.