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Diamond is one of the very precious types of minerals, which consists of the same materials that are made of coal and lead, which is (carbon), as it is formed as a result of exposure to carbon materials to very high temperatures in the depths of the earth in addition to exposure to high pressure, and thus carbon atoms are formed in ways Chemical reactions, and these reactions take place in the depths of the earth at depths of more than one hundred and eighty kilometers, and at very high temperatures ranging between 1100 to 1400 degrees Celsius, and that this carbon may mix with other materials such as nitrogen, and sulfur, which gives another color to the diamond Diamonds are considered cast One of the rarest types of diamonds.

Diamond properties

Diamonds are distinguished as the hardest types of minerals that have been discovered since ancient times, and they are called in the Greek language (hardness), and it is also the first currency in which the world deals, especially in India, and ancient people believed that diamonds are one of the supernatural stones that have the ability to glow, especially at night In addition to that he possesses magical, therapeutic and spirited abilities, and treats mental illnesses, demonic spells, and nightmares, as they think, and diamonds have properties that distinguish them and give them aesthetic value, including: clarity, color, purity, method of cutting, and carat.

Diamond producing countries

In the past, the city of "Antwerp" is the global capital of diamonds, but currently 90% of diamonds are manufactured in the country of India, in addition to South Africa, Russia, Canada, and Australia are among the most important countries in which diamonds exist in abundance and the most important countries that produce it, but regions South Africa is the richest diamond producing.

How to extract diamonds

Diamond is considered one of the most valuable minerals, the most valuable being a rare mineral. It is said that all the quantities of diamonds that exist in the whole world do not fill a small bus. With regard to the method of extracting diamonds, it is similar to the method of extracting oil and natural gas through drilling in diamond mines. Currently, the United States of America is the first country in the world to produce and sell diamonds, then the regions of Europe, then Japan in Asia.

The most important types of diamonds

Among the best and most important types of diamonds that have been found are:
  • A diamond called (Cullinan). This diamond is distinguished by its large size and is considered the largest ever. It was found in the "Premier" mine in South Africa in 1905 AD.
  • A diamond called "Excelsior" that was found in the mine (Jagerfonten) in 1893 AD.
  • The Juncker diamond.
  • The Yubilee Diamond.
  • Yellow "Tiffany" diamond.
  • Diamond "Victoria".
  • The diamond "Florentine".