How to fix kohl inside the eye


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Kohl is one of the cosmetic tools that gives magic to the eye, making it more spacious and attractive to the viewer, and the woman considers it an essential preparation in her makeup, so she does not dispense with it, but there are special ways to put the kohl in order to highlight the beauty of the eye, and cosmetic experts advise us not to rely on the artificial eyeliner given It contains a small amount of lead that damages the eye.

The best ways to apply eyeliner

  • Draw the kohl along the top and bottom lashes, taking care to extend the line beyond the lash line.
  • Make sure to use a sponge to control the kohl line up or down.
  • If you want to apply kohl to your upper eyelid, use your right hand.
  • While applying the eyeliner to the lower eyelid, use your left hand to apply the eyeliner.
  • You have to do gentle and soft moves, better than drawing one line.
  • While applying the eyeliner, be sure to keep your eyes open and your head back, as you look in the mirror, that way you will be close to the lash line.
  • If you put the kohl in the middle of the lower lash line, this will make your eyes wider and more prominent.

Secrets and mysteries

There are a lot of women who suffer from the problem of unstable eyeliner for a longer period, so take a few steps:
  • Apply gel around the eye area and leave it for a few minutes before applying make-up.
  • Draw a slight line from the eyeshadow, so that if the shadows are normal along the eyelid line, then draw an eyeliner over it.
  • Use your favorite kohl pencil to draw a light line on the eyelid.
  • Apply an eyelid shade, keeping in mind that it is similar to the color of the kohl pencil, above the line that you drew to make it last longer.
  • You should also choose the brand of good quality that does not dissolve easily.

The most striking aesthetic tricks

  • The eyeliner works to highlight the beauty of the eyes. Here is Eve's most important secrets to applying the eyeliner to show the beautiful beauty of your eyes:
  • Draw your eyes like a cat's eyes so this method is attractive and shows the beauty of your femininity, you can draw it by defining the top and bottom eyelashes line first, then work to collect them in the angles specified by the eye.
  • Winged French method This method is characterized by being striking in the eye of the beholder. After identifying the lower and upper eyelashes, draw a winged line.
  • The bold method All you need in this method is to determine the lower and upper eyelashes, and then you draw winged lines at the end of the eye drawing, taking into account that they are parallel.
  • Drawing a kohl inside the eye This method is a common way, as it draws on kohl inside the eye to make it appear wider.
  • Focus on the bottom line of the eyelashes. This method is easy and beautiful, and is done through the use of colored kohl like blue and green.