How to have prestige


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Some think that prestige can be achieved by collecting more money and wealth, or obtaining a luxurious position at work, or obtaining a job promotion , or through the willingness that some see as stemming from the achievements of the clan to which a person belongs. [1]

How to have prestige

To obtain prestige within the human personality, the following must be followed  : [3]
  • Avoid too much speech, so many of his words are too many fell, with the need to listen to others, but with avoiding silence completely, lest people think that the individual’s personality is weak, or that he does not have the ability to speak and impose personality.
  • Not sharing others' personal secrets , because this reduces a person's prestige, and it may void any possibility that they originally formed it.
  • Not to mock self, or underestimate it, in terms of achievements, whatever and at what time.
  • Tact to talk to people and respect others.
  • Smiling at people when meeting them, and showing more friendliness when dealing with older people.
  • Not to run after people's satisfaction.
  • Exclusivity in positive behavior and the pursuit of the best, because the unique personality draws the attention of people, and makes the person enjoy a special place among them.
  • Show seriousness and deal firmly with important matters and serious situations, and in return show flexibility and lightness when dealing in normal situations, or that require a little fun.
  • Take responsibility for matters and situations.
  • Keep the promises that the person made on himself as possible.
  • Developing communication skills, to learn to deal with new or emergency situations, as the owner of prestige often fascinates people with his high flexibility in solving problems and dealing with emergency conditions.
  • Accept criticism within the limits of the reasonable, with no one allowed to exceed its limits, while ensuring that all of this is done in a calm and calm manner.
  • Avoid showing others' weaknesses, such as shedding tears, especially women, or intense fear.
  • Taking personal rights, ensuring that they are acquired, and helping others to obtain their rights as well.
  • Understanding others and avoiding their mistakes, this increases the greatness of the person and the admiration of people for it.
  • Proof of presence wherever the person is located, expressing his point of power with clarity, clarity and consistency, and nobody is allowed to transcend or ignore it.
  • Overriding the exaggerated shy knot.
  • Confront people with their mistakes wisely.
  • Avoid permanent apologies.
  • Independence by making decisions.
  • Not overestimating the attention of others.
  • Not exaggerating the way to express negative or positive feelings, such as joy, sadness and anger, provided that the person expresses what he wants in moderation and moderation.