How to know a diamond stone?


  • 1 color
  • 2 purity
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  • 4 ways to distinguish real diamond from fake
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the color

Most diamond stones contain some pigmentation, and they are mostly yellow, while completely pure diamond stones are colorless, they are rare and very expensive, and the color of diamonds is graded on a scale that begins with D i.e. colorless as transparent until J i.e. asymptotic to colorless, and the presence of this color classification It does not mean that other diamonds are defective, but most people prefer diamonds dyed yellow because they are multi-colored and glow, while clear diamonds are close to cool blue. [1]


Is determined by the purity of stone diamonds by losing the number of defects or impurities in it examined under a magnifying glass, Valolmas very defective do not glow in the same glow of pure diamonds, and is rated purity by the following scale: the IF any flawless internally, and VVS1-VVS2 which contains the Very small amounts of impurities, and VS1-VS2, which contains small amounts of impurities, and S1-S2, which contains impurities, while very pure diamonds are classified as F, which is very rare and expensive, and is not usually available in jewelry stores. [1]


Polished diamonds appear beautifully, which indicates the skill and care of the craftsman, and when he interacts with light, every angle is affected, and every aspect of it is affected by the amount of light that returns to the eye, and this gives him the exposed appearance, and the dimensions of the diamonds play a role in determining the amount of light reached, and if he entered The light from the crown and exiting the pavilion will look dark and unappealing diamonds, while the polished and well-polished diamonds will appear bright, shiny and colorful. [2]

Ways to distinguish real diamond from fake

There are many ways to distinguish the characteristics of a true diamond from a fake, including: [3]
  • Breath test: By placing the diamond stone near the mouth and breathing on its flat surface, the diamond will distribute heat immediately, instead of cloudy it will appear transparent immediately.
  • Scratch test: This is done by scratching the diamond with a piece of glass, and based on the degree of hardness of the diamond according to Mohs scale , the real diamond will scratch the glass, but in case it is fake it will not leave any trace or scratch on the glass.
  • Newspaper or paper test: They are used for large diamonds, by placing stones on the writing or point, in case the vision is clear, this indicates that the diamonds are fake, and in the event that the writing or point cannot be seen, this indicates that the diamond is real, due to the property of refraction of light In a way that hinders seeing what's underneath.
  • Water testing: is carried out by placing the diamond stone in a cup of water, in the event that the stone settles on the bottom of the cup, this indicates that it is real, while fake diamonds will float because of the presence of materials of different density in it.