How to know real gold with vinegar


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Real gold

Many believe that they have real pieces of gold, so that they can later find that they are traditional, and often cannot distinguish between real and traditional gold, and people have devised a number of ways that would help them in this, and we will talk in this article about how to know gold Real vinegar, and other methods. [1]

Knowing real gold using vinegar

Knowing real gold with vinegar: [2]
  • Bring the gold you want to check, and then wipe off the dirt and accumulated dust, using a clean piece of fabric.
  • Put the vinegar in the eye drop packaging, then put two or three drops on the piece if it is small, but if it is large, dip it in a dish with vinegar.
  • Watch for any changes to the piece, since gold is one of the minerals that do not react with oxygen, do not corrode, and do not change color if they come into contact with vinegar, but in the event of any changes, and their color turns black, this means that they are not original.
  • Thoroughly wash the gold with cold water , then rub it well with a clean piece of fabric, to completely remove the vinegar and dry the piece.

Other ways to find out true gold

Other ways to find true gold: [3]
  • Visual inspection: You must look at the gold piece, and make sure of any distinctive signs present on it, so you lose official signs, seals, or prints, there is what determines the fineness of gold, and what determines the karat, and this is done using the magnifying lens, but in the event that the gold is old , Because of the length of use, none of these marks will appear on it, as imitated gold can contain the marks themselves, so further checks are required in order to confirm, and in addition, the color helps to know the original pieces, so it is necessary to check Its color, especially at the edges regions, while there were eaves Of large desquamation or change in color, it means that the piece is not genuine.
  • Magnet test: This method is characterized by ease, but it does not give the final inevitable result, just as a weak magnet like those on refrigerators does not fulfill the purpose, but a stronger type must be used, and it can be found in the stores of specialized devices, or in many other places, The examination is by directing the magnet over the gold piece, as the gold is not a magnetic metal, so if the piece moves, this means that it is not real, but there are many fake pieces that do not interact with this test, so the absolute result cannot be confirmed in this test.