How to lose weight without diet


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  • 2 How to lose weight without diet
    • 2.1 Timing of duties
    • 2.2 Sleep more and weigh less
    • 2.3 servings more than vegetables
    • 2.4 Focus on whole grains
    • 2.5 Green tea was drunk
    • 2.6 Chewing gum with a strong mint flavor
    • 2.7 Reduce the size of your dishes
    • 2.8 Burn an additional 100 calories

Weight loss

Losing excess weight will help you appear better, but more importantly, losing weight will relieve pressure on the joints and will improve health in general, but many of us may be upset or tired of following a diet to lose this substitute, always losing weight. It will help you lose weight without following any kind of annoying diet.

How to lose weight without diet

Timing of duties

Take 20 minutes when eating your meal, and try to get yourself used to eating very slowly. This technique is considered one of the best techniques for losing weight without a diet. Cut the food to a small piece and eat each piece slowly, and try to enjoy its taste until it is filled with enough Eating quickly does not give your stomach time to send satiety signals to the brain, resulting in more food being eaten.

Sleep more and weigh less

Studies have shown that sleeping an extra hour at night will help you lose 7 kilograms a year, just as it is known that eight hours of sleep helps to burn approximately 500 calories, and some research has shown that sleeping for less than seven hours will increase appetite the next day and this It will lead to more food.

More servings of vegetables

Instead of eating one serving of vegetables with rice for lunch, for example, you can eat three portions of vegetables while reducing the rice. Thus, you will eat a greater amount but with fewer calories, and you can also replace your light meals consisting of chocolate or chips with light meals from vegetables. Vegetables contain water and fiber, which significantly helps in losing extra weight.

Focus on whole grains

Whole grains such as brown rice, barley, oats, buckwheat and whole wheat help in losing your weight, and they also help fill the stomach with fewer calories, and can improve your cholesterol level as well, and whole grains are now in many products including Including pancakes, pizza, English cakes and pasta.

Drink green tea

Drinking green tea may also be a good technique for losing weight, and some studies indicate that green tea can increase the speed of burning calories in the body temporarily, perhaps by containing phytochemicals called antioxidants, in addition to that you will get a drink Refreshing without any mentioned increase in calories.

Chewing gum with strong mint flavor

Chewing sugar-free gum with a strong mint flavor when you are about to eat a light meal when watching TV, surfing the internet or after dinner, because these times may be dangerous to eat without thinking and chewing this gum will help eliminate the idea of ​​eating light duties in These are critical times, plus the strong chewing gum taste will make the taste of these foods unpleasant.

Reduce the size of your dishes

Eating your food with a diameter smaller than your usual dish will automatically make you eat less, because recent studies have shown that people eat more and more heavily in large dishes compared to smaller dishes, so reduce your dishes to avoid an additional caloric intake of 100 to 200 calories. Thus a loss of 5-10 kg per year.

Burn an additional 100 calories

Lose 5 kilograms annually by burning 100 calories daily by doing several activities, including: walking for 20 minutes, cleaning the house for 30 minutes, jogging for ten minutes, going up and down the stairs for eight minutes, or practicing pressure exercises for only twenty seconds.