How to make a healthy diet


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Healthy diet

The week diet is a fast diet that helps in getting rid of excess weight, but it maintains your health, and it is referred to as the fastest diet to lose weight in a short time, as you can lose excess weight in a fast time, and the duration of this diet is only seven days without affecting the vital functions The task in the body, it is worth noting the importance of avoiding pregnant and breastfeeding women for such a diet, and the week's diet is a very ideal diet for girls who are attending their marriage ceremony or have a happy occasion close by and love to shine in them, and to get the best results, you must fully adhere to this diet and do some exercise Irrigation exercises Yeh or maintain movement and activity in general.


Breakfast can never be neglected in this diet, not even in other diet because the breakfast is so important to the body and the breakfast consists of:
  • A quarter of a loaf of bread and four tablespoons of beans without adding oil or margarine.
  • A quarter of a loaf of bread with a boiled egg.
  • Two grains of any kind of fruit allowed during this diet, namely: (plum, guava, apple, banana, orange and peach).
  • A quarter of a loaf of bread with about fifty grams of unsalted cheese.

You can choose any of the previous groups on any day, but without any modification. A cup of bitter or sweetened tea with a little sugar diet is allowed, as it is not recommended to use more than two spoons of sugar during the whole day and it is advised to use honey natural bees instead of sugar.


The lunch in this diet is composed of four sections, namely: starches, vegetables, meat and fruits, so we choose a type from each section to make the lunch:

  • Three tablespoons of rice or pasta.
  • A quarter of a loaf of bread, and it is advisable to use brown bread.

  • Boiled eggs.
  • A slice of red meat without fat and eaten either boiled or grilled 150 grams.
  • A can of tuna filtered from oil and sprinkled with vinegar and lemon.
  • A quarter of a chicken is eaten either boiled or grilled.

  • A sauteed dish made from meat soup with the importance of getting rid of the face because it contains fat.
  • One dish of vegetable soup without using potatoes.
  • A green salad platter using only one tomato.

Fruits: One grain of any kind of fruit permitted in this diet.


Where we eat dinner at least three hours before bedtime, and we choose one of these items:
  • A piece of unsalted cheese with one grain of cucumber and a tomato.
  • A cup of unsweetened milk and boil well to get rid of the face.
  • A cup of medium-sized yogurt.
  • Two to four grains of any kind of fruit allowed in the diet.