How to make a jewelry box


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    • 2.2 Making a jewelry box from old books
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Throughout the ages, the woman took care of her looks, including her eagerness to wear jewelry to enhance her overall appearance, and to show her in a more attractive way, so every woman was keen to possess a number of distinctive pieces of jewelry that express her personality, whether those jewelry are made of precious stones, or of silver , Or diamonds , and because wearing jewelry appropriate to what the woman wears and the occasion that she attends is extremely important, she had to keep the jewelry in her own boxes or packages, as this is considered an important matter to keep the jewelry from intertwining with each other, or being lost.

Manufacture of jewelry boxes

Jewelry boxes are used to store women's jewelry, from rings to necklaces and earrings, and these boxes have beautiful decorations, it can contain drawers to help women organize their holdings, and there are many types of jewelry boxes that can be made at home, [1] ]

It is as follows: [1]

Wooden jewelry boxes

It is possible to make jewelry boxes from wood , and this is done by following several steps: [2]
  • Bring a set of wooden boards, and measure them to cut the pieces for the upper region, the sides area, and the bottom area of ​​the jewelry box, so that they are six wooden pieces measuring 248 millimeters, and twelve pieces measuring 240 millimeters, and that the width of the dimensions of the pieces be one inch; i.e. The equivalent of 2.54 cm, and the height must be a quarter of an inch; equivalent to 0.63 cm, and it must be ensured that all eighteen pieces are one height.
  • Bring a piece of wood, and cut it into twelve pieces, each of 50 mm length, in order to make the ends of the box, provided they are of the same dimensions as the previous pieces, in terms of width and height.
  • Sandpaper with the sanding paper to remove the wood poles.
  • Paint all wood panels using the colors of wood in a gentle and gentle manner, then wipe the polyps using a rag or paper towel, and then let the wood panels to dry completely. Paint only one section of each group.
  • Take the six side pieces of the box measuring 248 mm, so that each side of the jewelry box is made using three pieces, then use wood glue, and paste the pieces together, then wipe the glue appendages from the wood, making sure that the wood pieces are perfectly lined, Alternately between painted and unpainted, then the glue is left to dry completely.
  • Creating the base of the jewelry box using the six pieces measuring 240 mm, taking into account the arrangement between the painted and unpainted wood sides ; by putting one painted and the other side unpainted, then the special panels that are 50 mm long are attached to both ends of the base with each other; so that six pieces are lined Each side is linear.
  • Glue the sides of the frame to the jewelry box and its ends with glue , then let it dry.
  • Put a thin layer of petroleum jelly over the entire box, to prevent the cap from sticking to the box.
  • The top cover is made of the remaining six pieces measuring 240 mm, and placed over the top frame, it is noted here that the cover will fit perfectly to the position assigned.
  • It is possible to fix the jewelry on the cap, and then let it dry, then it can be used.

Making a jewelry box from old books

It is possible to create a jewelery box by using simple tools such as old books, by following several steps: [2]
  • Choose the book to be converted into a jewelry box, provided that it has a strong envelope.
  • Draw a rectangular shape on the first page of the book with a ruler, by taking a uniform distance from the edges of the page.
  • Cut the rectangular shape using a blade, with the lines straight.
  • Paste the pages together, by applying glue to the corners of the leaves , then painting the outer corners of the book, taking care to paste the sheets with the back cover, then let the leaves to dry for ten minutes.
  • Decorating the cover In order to make it more attractive, it is possible to paste fabrics , fine stones, flowers , and other attractive things.

Jewelery etiquette

There are a number of principles and rules for wearing jewelry, which must be observed in order for the woman to maintain her elegance and the value of the jewelry that is worn, as follows: [3]
  • Everyday jewelry: There is a type of jewelry that a woman can wear at all times, such as a wrist watch .
  • Work jewelry: Women should avoid wearing noisy jewelry pieces that contain a number of large and shiny stones, or jewelry that has skulls, so it is best to wear a bracelet, two earrings, a necklace, and a ring, as wearing more than that is not suitable for an environment the work.
  • Formal party jewelry: Formal occasions are characterized by allowing women to wear elegant and shiny jewelry that contains gemstones, pearls or diamonds , but women must be careful not to wear more than a large piece of size, and not to wear a large number of jewelry.
  • Ordinary party jewelry: It is possible for a woman to wear jewelry in simple parties without exaggerating it, because it may overwhelm the presence of a person and steal attention from him, and it is possible to wear shiny jewelry or resonant bracelets on these occasions.