How to make licorice

Licorice is a popular plant in Arab countries since ancient times, and it is one of the perennial wild plants of the leguminous family. Licorice is composed in its contain of an active substance called calcetricin, and also contains sugars and mineral salts such as magnesium, phosphates, calcium and potassium . Licorice also contains soapy substances that cause foam when pouring its juice and on volatile oil 

How to prepare licorice

Ingredients and ingredients
A quarter cup licorice
A quarter cup of water for kneading
Half hanging carbonate

Scientific research has shown that licorice has many benefits, including

1- Sweat is a laxative and diuretic
2- Coughs with a loss of voice or so-called hoarseness
3- It helps in strengthening the immune system in the body
4- Helps to restore the liver because it contains various minerals
5- It is easy to digest by using it after food
6- Useful in treating kidney diseases
7- It is useful in healing rheumatism because it contains elements equivalent to hydrocortisone
8- Helps heal stomach ulcers within several months
9 - It has an effective effect in removing the abrasion and heartburn when it occurs
10 - Cures chronic cough with heavy or lotion in hot water

It is also of interest
Drink hot to prevent colds, coughs and stools in the cold
It brings appetite to use while eating
The best hydrated drink for diabetics is because it is completely free of normal sugar
General tonic for the body
It helps in healing rheumatism because it contains active ingredients
It contains lots of potassium, calcium, sex hormones and soaps
It is advised not to drink too much licorice for people with high blood pressure