Imam Ali peace be upon him

Imam Ali's hair

In this article we will include the most important and most beautiful poems of Ali bin Abi Talib, the poem of Imam Ali bin Abi Talib, in the lament of his wife Fatima Al-Zahra
Is it not the way to life?
And that this death does not transform
And if I die with death certain
There is no hope without this long
And forever, colors go and eat
And souls between them are flowing
It is a right house, not to be limed
Every person has a path
I cut off the days of distraction
And dear, there is humiliation

I see the world owed a lot to me
And its owner until the death is ailing
I miss you
Do I have to whom a way has been blown?
And if I cross the house, I will be displaced
I died a beautiful separation before me
He said in Proverbs in the midst
A little harm to him on the day of separation
Each meeting has two teams
And all that is separated is leaving
If I miss Fatima after Ahmed
Evidence that Hebron does not last
And how is there to live after they have been lost
Life has nothing to do with it
Will be shown on my memory and forget my love
And after me, there appears a fair
Khalili is neither bored nor bored
If you are absent, only an alternative will satisfy him
But Khalili will endure his prayer
He keeps a secret of his heart and an outsider
If I stop for a long time to live
There is little crying
The boy wants his girlfriend not to die
It is not what he wants
Not a lot of money and lost it
But the generosity of the generosity
Therefore, my side does not give him sleep
In the heart of the freedom of separation is great

The soul cries for the world and I have learned *** that happiness in it left what is in it
There is no abode for one after death inhabited by *** except that which he built before death
It was built by a fine housing dweller *** and built by disappointed human beings its builder
We collect our money for people with inheritance *** and our role is to ruin the ages
Where are the kings that were besieged by *** until the death cup gave them their legs
How many cities in the horizons were built *** I became desolate ruins and the death of its people
Do not leave us to the world and what is in it *** Death will no doubt destroy and destroy us
For every soul, even if it is a revelation *** of the miniature, hopes to strengthen it
One simplifies it and the age holds it *** and the soul spreads it and death folds it
Rather, morals are a purified ethics *** Religion is the first and the mind is second
And science is the third, and the fourth dream is ***, quality is fifth, and credit is sixth
Righteousness seventh and thanks eighth *** and patience ninth and soft the rest
And the soul knows that I do not believe her *** and am only a guide when I disobey her
Work for a house tomorrow Radwan storekeeper! *** Neighbor Ahmad and Rahman compiled it
Her palaces are gold and musk is her clay *** and saffron is a hashish grown in it
Its rivers are pure milk, honey *** and wine runs nectar
And the bird runs on the branches and shines *** praising God openly in its songs
He who buys the house in Paradise will build it *** with a rak'ah in the darkness of the night, reviving it
Make a self and carry it on what adorns it ... ... live peacefully and say beautiful about you
And if the livelihood is narrow today, be patient until tomorrow ..... May the misfortunes of the age for you disappear
He wants the rich person to say his money ........ And the rich man sings the money while he is a servant
And there is no good in the friendliness of a slaving man ...... If the wind tilted money where it tended
What are the most Muslim Brotherhood when you count them .......... but they are few in the female deputies

Should I not accompany the choice of the people who spared a Muslim .... and whoever accompanies the wicked one day will be wounded
Never ever joke in ignorance ............. so he received what you do not desire when he is joking
And do not be broad from the DNA ........... so that you resemble a dog with fools barking
If Karim came, he asks for a need .......... Say a free saying, Majid, allows
So in the head and eyes, I have to make it up ....... and whoever buys Hamad men will win