Industry in South Africa


  • 1 The South African Industrial Sector
  • 2 A brief history of the industry in South Africa
  • 3 largest industries in South Africa
    • 3.1 Mining industries
    • 3.2 Manufacturing industries
  • 4 South African economy
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The industrial sector in South Africa

South Africa's industrial sector is heavily dependent on foreign capital, with about a quarter of industrial products being exported, and its main industries: food processing, textiles, minerals, and chemicals. Agriculture and fisheries are the basis for meat, fish, canning, and refining Sugar, and more. [1]

Historical background about the industry in South Africa

It is noteworthy that the last half of the nineteenth century is the beginning of the industrial sector in South Africa, where the beginning was prospecting for diamonds in the country, and shortly after the discovery of diamonds gold deposits were found, and this prompted the mining industry to grow and develop, as natural resources were important The mining sector also moved to the automotive industry, and in 2010 the South African government announced its plan to increase manufacturing capacity, which focuses on three products: transport devices, metals, and capital goods. [2]

South Africa's largest industry

Mining industries

The mining industry is one of the largest industries state of South Africa, where classified as the fifth - largest contributor to the GDP of the country, and produces this sector many of the raw natural resources, which are exported mostly, including: gold, platinum, diamonds, uranium, chromium, zirconium , And vermiculite, this industry is characterized by its ability to provide job opportunities for the largest possible number of workers in the country. [2]

Transformative Industries

The manufacturing sector contributes about 14% of the gross domestic product of South Africa, and it is thus the fourth largest industry contributing to the country's economy, and the most important industries that this sector produces: food processing, textiles, electronics, chemicals, technology, and cars. The most important industries of the country, as it constitutes 12% of all manufactured and exported goods, and contributes about 6.7% of the national GDP, in addition to allocating 29% of the country's companies to the automobile industry, and thus South Africa is responsible for manufacturing 84% of all cars produced in G P across Africa. [2]

South African economy

South Africa comes in the thirty-third in terms of the export economy in the world, and the mining and manufacturing sectors contribute the largest share of the country's exports, and the most important countries to which it is exported: China, the United States of America, Germany, Botswana, and Namibia, and it is indicated that platinum is The most exported goods in the country, as it constitutes 8.7% of all exported products, which amount to about $ 6.03 billion, [2] and South Africa is the second largest fruit producing country in the world, producing a variety of fruits, due to its diverse natural environment, as such Contributed to tourism , mainly in the country 's economy. [3]