Justin Bieber

The story:

Justin Bieber is a young man with Canadian citizenship but currently lives in the United States of America. Justin Bieber was the beginning of his fame when he participated in the local singing competition on
The level of the city (Van Cover) in Canada ,, Justin Bieber participated and wanted to win the first place ,, Relatives of Justin Bieber asked him to see how he was in the competition so Justin Bieber decided to go down
The clips of his singing in the competition on the famous You Tube website, which is well known. Justin Bieber, the purpose of her posting on YouTube was to watch his videos only of his relatives ...

The contest ended and Justin Bieber won second place, but the story started when Justin Bieber entered YouTube and was surprised by the number of views on his clips on YouTube and reached

9,000,000,000 million views .... and keep downloading clips to YouTube ...
A story from the life of Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber is widely known and famous internationally, and he holds Canadian citizenship, and he is famous in the field of singing, and for those who ask about the place to live and reside Justin Bieber is now living in the United States of America, just as the beginning of Justin Bieber was when he wanted and participated after a singing competition The competition was held in Canada and was at a city level only, which is Van Cover, as he aspired to get the first position, but he got the second position at the time, and after that Justin Bieber put up and uploaded videos of his singing on YouTube for his relatives to watch, and then noticed There are fanciful views of the provinces His private life is estimated in millions and here was the beginning of his popularity and success.