Learn the French Language


  • 1 French language
  • 2 Learn French
    • 2.1 Vocabulary and grammar
    • 2.2 French teacher
    • 2.3 Language training tools and sites
    • 2.4 Listening to native speakers
    • 2.5 Using the dictionary
    • 2.6 Read the French language aloud
    • 2.7 Patience

French language

The French language is mainly the mother tongue of the people who live in France, in addition to many residents of Canada, Switzerland and Africa who also speak it fluently, and it is one of the most well-known languages ​​in the five continents besides the English language, where the French language is spoken as the mother language of approximately 80 million people, And it is spoken by approximately 190 million people as a second language, and there are also those who speak the French language because of his desire to learn and practice it, where the estimated numbers of those who learn French as a language acquired about 200 million people.

Learn the French Language

Vocabulary and grammar

Anyone who wants to learn the French language must build a base of words, basic sentences and grammar, through what he reads in any book in French or hears it in any text, then codifies it in the form of a set of sentences, it is not possible to learn any language without understanding its words and the way to use it, A list of words with their meanings is written, memorized and constantly reviewed.

French teacher

Anyone who wants to learn the French language needs a teacher to explain the French rules to him, and explain the subtleties of the language to avoid making mistakes, as the teacher speeds up the process of learning the language in a better way than self-reliance only, and if there is no possibility to provide a good teacher, it is possible to resort to the sites The electronic that provides a series of lessons, annotations and notes for a small amount of money, in addition to audio files that help to practice the conversation.

Language training tools and sites

Modern cellular phones have a set of applications that enable its user to practice the language on a daily basis, as it can be used to review words while on the move with transportation, or before going to sleep. It is also recommended to purchase a book containing a tape recorded for all sections of the book, and try to hear and repeat it.

Listen to native speakers

It is one of the best ways to learn languages ​​in general, as listening to the language from the French themselves helps to pronounce it in a correct tone and manner, and speakers of their native French language can be heard by watching French films, or news and programs that are shown on French channels.

Using the dictionary

Using the dictionary helps to know the correct and proper pronunciation of vocabulary, and it helps to know the phonetic symbols for each word.

Read the French language aloud

There is a lot of research indicated that the daily exercise of twenty minutes over a period of three months helps to improve the muscles of the mouth when speaking the new language, so that the texts are read aloud, and recorded to hear errors in pronunciation and work to avoid repetition.


The learner has to be patient. Learning French is not an overnight process. Understanding the rules and knowing the correct pronunciation method requires a long time of practice and follow-up.