Maintain mental health


  • 1 self-esteem and gratitude
  • 2 Participation in volunteer work
  • 3 proper nutrition
  • 4 Exercise
  • 5 Speak positively
  • 6 Talk about feelings
  • 7 Take a break
  • 8 Staying in touch with people
  • 9 References

Self-esteem and gratitude

To maintain mental health, the person must treat himself with kindness and respect, avoid self-criticism , and devote time to practicing his favorite hobbies and works. He can also start learning a new language, playing an instrument, or even planting plants in the garden, and he prefers to feel A person is constantly grateful, and this can be accomplished by writing diaries or daily lists of things for which he is grateful. [1]

Participation in volunteer work

People who are looking for ways to maintain their mental health can give part of their time and energies to help other people, because such tangible material actions will improve their feelings toward themselves, and it is an opportunity to get to know new people. [1]

Proper nutrition

The nature of the food that a person is eating may affect his mental health, so it is advised to eat nutritiously beneficial meals, [1] In fact, vegetables and fruits contain large amounts of nutrients that affect the chemicals that regulate mood in the brain, and it has been found that eating starches in moderate quantities It increases the level of Serotonin, which is a chemical compound produced by the body that has a positive effect on mood. It was also found that protein-rich food increases the levels of norepinephrine, dopamine, and tyrosine, which contributes to keeping the person in a state of alert, in addition to that, eating foods that contain ohm GAA -3 has a role significant in improving mood, and retrieval of brain cells healthy structure until the mental functions. [2] It is also recommended to drink large quantities of water and avoid smoking . [1]

Playing sports

It is advised to exercise for half an hour daily, by starting to add it to the daily routine, such as: using the stairs instead of the elevator, or taking a small walk, preferably in an open location, because of its positive impact on the body, it was found that the body It excrete compounds called endorphins before exercising and after completing exercise, and these compounds help to relieve stress and improve mood, which is why exercising is a strong antidote to anxiety and depression, and exposure to the sun helps the body produce more Vitamin D, which helps increase the level of serotonin in the brain, and reduces stress. [2]

Speak positively

The way people think about themselves greatly influences their feelings. When a person thinks about himself, himself and his surrounding life in a negative way, he will see all the things around him in the same way, and vice versa, so strong positive words must be used to appreciate the self and the self. [2]

Talk about feelings

Talking about feelings is one of the actions that indicate a person's concern for his mental health , as this helps him to deal with the problems he faces, and it should be noted that the mere idea of ​​having another listener increases the feeling of support and reduces the feeling of loneliness. [3]

Get some rest

It is advised to take a break from time to time, especially when feeling tired and tired, and the rest period can be simple and very easy, such as changing the place or walking for several simple steps, or it may be for a longer period for lunch while working, or discovering a new location during a vacation Weekends, or to practice yoga, meditate, or breathe deeply and try to relax , as it is advised to sleep when feeling tired, because lack of sleep affects the level of focus, [4] and increases the risk of depression. [1]

Stay in touch with people

Strong relationships with family or with friends help to maintain mental health, get rid of tension and overcome it, where a person feels through them support, interest, and love, and they can provide help by giving different points of view or sharing activities, but it is worth noting the necessity Maintaining positive relationships only, and getting rid of negative ones, since positive people are better and better than others in providing support. [5]