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the health

Health is defined by the World Health Organization as a state of well-being and physical, mental, and social integrity, and not merely the absence of disease or disability, [1]As a healthy life requires choosing a specific lifestyle that supports well-being and physical, psychological, mental, spiritual, and emotional integrity, and sometimes it may be necessary to focus on obtaining support and attention, because a balance exists between all aspects of good health requirements, where each plays From the mental, emotional and spiritual side, it also plays an important role in physical and physical safety and health, and vice versa, and it is worth noting that the optimal safety condition also extends to having sufficient skills to deal with the various problems and conditions outside of personal will and exceeding the adversity of life, where Having good health and life skills helps reduce the risk of chronic disease and delay its occurrence, [2] in addition to the importance of anger management and handling skill in improving a person's mental health . [3]

Methods of maintaining health

Here is an outline of some ways to help maintain health: [4]
  • Reducing sugar: It is recommended to avoid eating sugary added foods and drinks, such as: soft drinks, as studies found that consuming soft drinks or energy drinks increases the likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes by 26%, in addition to the association of these drinks with heart attacks (English: Heart attack), gout and obesity, so it is advised to reduce your consumption of soft drinks and increase your water intake instead.
  • Care to eat fruits and vegetables: It is recommended that vegetables and fruits make up nearly half of the bowl of any meal eaten by the individual, in addition to that it is preferable to eat different portions of fruits and vegetables in different colors during the day, as it is better not to eat only one type to get all the nutrients.
  • Avoid prolonged sitting: It is advised not to sit for long periods of time and increase physical movement, as it is possible to stand up and do stretching exercises for a few minutes during long working hours, or park the car far away and then walk to the desired location, or discover any fun way suitable for a person to move his body during periods of sitting.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol: One of the harms of drinking alcohol is the increased risk of cancer and liver disease, and for this it is advised to avoid drinking alcohol for good health.
  • Having a good amount of sleep: Most people do not sleep well, especially these days, but getting a good amount of sleep is an important element in getting good health, as lack of sleep increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke . Stroke), and obesity, so it is advised to sleep long enough to maintain health.
  • Reducing stress: In the event that you suffer from stomach problems or sleep due to stress and anxiety , and failing to interact with stresses of life, the individual must search for ways to get rid of stress factors and pressure and make some lifestyle changes to control them, such as: exercising , Meditate, laugh with friends, or turn to a psychologist to help de-stress and manage stress to stay healthy.
  • Hand washing: Hand washing is one of the easiest ways to avoid germs and infection, and the correct washing method is as follows: soaking hands with soap, then rubbing the palms of the hand, under the nails, and between the fingers for about twenty seconds.
  • Doing exercise: It is advised for individuals of all ages to maintain their activity, and to exercise in order to maintain health and self-reliance for long periods of life. [5]

Benefits of following healthy habits

Healthy habits express any behavior or behavior that benefits the person’s physical, mental, and emotional health, as these habits help to promote public safety and a feeling of comfort, and it is worth noting that it is very difficult to adopt healthy habits, but often all a person needs is to modify the way Thinking about it, and this step would leave a long-term impact on the person regardless of age, gender or physical ability, and the following is a statement of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle: [6]
  • Maintaining weight: exercising and eating healthy food helps to lose weight and avoid weight gain, in addition to that physical activity improves cardiovascular health , strengthens the immune system, and increases energy levels in individuals.
  • Improving mood: physical activity not only contributes to maintaining weight, but also improves the mood of the person and makes him feel happy and relaxed as well, due to the endorphin chemical that the brain produces during physical activity, in addition to feeling self-confident The promotion of self-respect, and it is worth noting another healthy habit that plays an important role in improving mental health, which is to strengthen social ties, spend time with friends and family, and participate in voluntary and community activities, because this would improve mood and mental performance by It s to maintain the level of activity, and the level of serotonin ( in English: Serotonin) in the brain.
  • Resisting diseases: following healthy habits helps prevent diseases, such as: heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure , and exercise and a healthy system help avoid a wide range of health problems such as: Metabolic syndrome, Diabetes, depression, certain types of cancer, and arthritis.
  • Energy enhancement: People may feel lethargic after eating unhealthy food, so when eating healthy food and eating a balanced diet the body takes the fuel it needs and regulates energy levels in the body.

Happiness and health

Studies were conducted on 100 people if they had a choice between happiness and health in their lives, what would their choice be, and the result was that 66 people chose happiness, but it is worth noting that both health and happiness are important and have value in people's lives, and it is worth noting that there is no true health Without happiness because they are very related to each other, because misery and sadness also lead to depression, stress and increase negativity in life and disease, also happiness leads to positivity, fighting diseases, obtaining good health and maintaining it. [7]