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the friend

Friendship is one of the most beautiful and sincere human relationships. The true friend is like a brother that your mother did not give birth to, who is with you in hardship before prosperity, and you find him behind you in the most difficult moments and his command, and in this article we have chosen for you some words, messages and congratulations full of love for the dearest and most precious girlfriends.

Birthday words to my girlfriend

  • Happy new year, beautiful girl .
  • Happy new year, you, my kindest and best friend, happy birthday , and I ask God Almighty to grant you, in this New Year, joy, happiness and comfort.
  • This day is a day when I was born with the joy of my heart and my friend, a new year full of good and happiness, every year and you are good, my most precious friend in my life.
  • Every year you are my friend, and every year you are Cindy.
  • Happy New Year yasmina life, best friend, you are my life and my sincere and sincere friend, you are the beautiful flower in my life.
  • Every year and you are the source of light for my heart, every year and you are the source of joy for my soul, every year and I collect all words of love in order to make for you the most beautiful necklace and dedicate it to you, and every year you fulfill all your aspirations.
  • Today we blow out all the candles of the past, and we will light the candles of tomorrow that make your new year happy, and make it a year of joy for you, every year and you are a thousand good, my friend.
  • Today is the birthday of the most precious friend in my life, the birthday of the most beautiful and the most beautiful person in my life, every year and you are good and fulfill all your hopes, God Almighty.
  • Happy new year, you rose in the garden, my best friend in this life , the symbol of safety and loyalty.
  • My girlfriend carries my delusional sorrows and today is her birthday. Happy new year to you, the best friend in my life.
  • Feasts complete your birthday, my friend, every year and you are close to me, and a year of good, joy and happiness, my best heart in the whole world.

Poems about the friend

Many Arab poets and writers sing along with friendship , and the most beautiful verses she spoke about are:

Not the best friend

The poem by Mahmoud Sami Al-Baroudi , he is a poet of the modern era , Circassian in origin, his poetry was a pioneer of high-end modern style, Baroudi described in this poem the true friend , saying:
It is not the most righteous friend
Rather, the friend whose merits are purified
If your Lord of eternity did not fail his dear
Or your Prophet did not lose his means
He takes care of you in two distant and close
And do not lose you from the best of its virtues
Not like he calls friendliness and inner
With the hatred of its grudges, its boilers boil
His brother's actions reveal an expression of regret
May people be delusive that sadness is universal
This was a hostility in courtesy
So warn him and know that God has let him down

I have a friend over time my friend

The author of these verses is the Abbasid poet al-Harith bin Saeed bin Hamdan Abu Firas al-Hamdani , born in Mosul, and he is the owner of the poems of the Romans that he wrote in prison when he was unjustly captured by the Romans, and it is one of the most wonderful human poetry to this day, and he described his friend in the following verses:
I have been a good friend of my time
A companion with my fiancée
If you see me if my tears start
In the morning I mentioned it or gobbling
Drink tears with my cup with my cup
And the sweetest Oqianha agate

So, a person takes care of you only at cost

These verses of Imam Al-Shafi’i , he is the third of the four imams of the Sunnis and the community, the owner of the Shafi’i school and the founder of the science of the principles of jurisprudence and the imam in the science of interpretation and the science of hadith, in which Imam Ahmad said : (Al-Shafi’i was like the sun for the world, and as well as for people), and Al-Shafi’i was a poet famous for his poems of wisdom Among his poems is what he wrote about the good choice of a friend :
If a person does not take care of you except in cost
Let him not regret him
In people there are replacements, and there is rest
And in the heart there is patience for the beloved, even if it dries up
So whoever loves him, his heart will please you
Not everyone who has cleared it to you has been described
If the rows were not normal
There is no good in a friend who comes at a cost
And there is no good in the vinegar of the brethren of his Hebron
And dump him after the affection in dry
He denies the existence of his rule
It shows a secret that yesterday was hidden
Peace be upon the world if it was not there
A friend is a true friend, a promise is fair

If you accompanied misery days

The owner of these verses is the poet and philosopher Abu Al-Al-Ma’ari , who was blinded at the age of four due to smallpox, yet he wrote many books and poems, and many of his poetry were translated into languages ​​other than Arabic, and these are selected verses of his poetry in which he talks about the friend’s sincerity :
If you are accompanied by misery days
Do not forget about affection in prosperity
And whoever executes his brother for his wealth
What has led to the truth in brotherhood?
And who made generosity to his relatives
We are not aware of the paths of generosity

Thoughts on the friend

Friendship is the beautiful face of life, it is the face that keeps you smiling no matter how heavy you are in life. It is the bond, the help and the caring hand. Friendship is the relationship in which the interest has no place, they are only friends, they share their pain and joys, so they relieve the pain and live joy many times. Friendship is like health, whose value is only discovered if you lose it, so hold on to it as long as you live.

A friend is the brother whose mother did not give birth and did not live with his friend in one house, and they did not eat together from the food itself, but they drank from the source of the pure and pure fresh friendship, and they walked in the paths of loyalty together until they were old and old and their hair was white, and it reflects the whiteness of their good heart, the friend is the brother In which the feelings of brotherhood are superior to all other feelings, he does not see in his friend except a brother above all, a specific brother, a brother brother, and a brother who is always present at any moment in which he needs him, does not be prevented by work and does not occupy him with fun and arrogance.

Little girl, my sister , my friend, my companion, my details, that when I look like heaven ... I think you know, my love, my heart that I love you, O shelter and homeland! O little girl present in my heart absent from my eyes, O cloud that quietly overshadows me, pouring down my chest in a warm rain, O quiet morning full of elegance, O voice that comes to me from far away and takes me away from each painful distress, O your rust that keeps me in Clinging to the wall of my heart, he cannot leave, in short you go into life.

Friendship is a sea ​​of ​​abundant meanings, feelings, and feelings whose waves do not stop circling in the oceans of love, loyalty, and hope, and how can a person live without a friend? The friend above all must be sociable in times of bitter loneliness that a person can not overcome except with the presence of a sincere friend in which feelings of honesty arise and the friend’s morals are immoral, and it is the bond that one leans on and relies on when he betrays his circumstances and stumbles paths and is struck by the winds of despair .

After I was unable to express, I did not come out from under my hands except these simple words. The heart delights and delights the eye when my pen streaks to you. Lost in a sea of ​​dreams and memories, with my oars I continued to sail until I reached the shores of quiet beaches, until you reach the banks of your heart very happy, to feel that your heart is the marina, I hope that you will receive the content of what I have outlined, I hope to draw a smile on your life, and I wish with all my heart that Do what you wrote with a sincere feeling that stems from your heart, for you are frankly good Of you deserve to be planted in my mind roses to love their roots fulfill and sincerity.

They said about the friend

  • A true friend has one soul in two bodies.
  • Bring your friend a secret, and praise him in front of others.
  • Who obeyed the washi, lost the friend.
  • A friend is a small country and a brother that your mother has not given birth to, and a great blessing that only those who value it will feel.
  • Comrade before the road.
  • The father is a treasure, brother Salwa and friend are both.
  • When did it become your friend is like yourself have known a friendship.
  • The friend is in trouble .
  • A friend is the one you can chat with at 4 in the morning and be interested.
  • Slow down when choosing a friend and slow more when changing.
  • Tell me who gets along with you less than you.
  • Your friend is the sufficiency of your need, it is your field that you plant with love, and reap it with thanksgiving.
  • Wise enemy is better than a foolish friend.

Messages to my girlfriend

  • The first message:
To you my dear girlfriend and my dear friend ,
I offer the highest of thanks,
The sweetest words,
The meanest,
Because you are the special person in my life.

  • The second message:
I promise you that I will cut it myself until I make my last breath ..
I will be faithful to you for your love,
Inevitably, I will keep my promise.
I say it from the depths of my heart.
I love you, Zia, illuminates my path.

  • The third message:
My girlfriend, you are such a wonderful person,
Friendly ones loyal sincere ,
The honest friend that I feel safe with.

  • The fourth message:
Oh, if you knew, my friend, how much I yearn to see you,
How long I can hear your voice,
How much I am eager to talk to you,
How much I love you in God.

  • The fifth message:
My girlfriend
When my tears fall and my world narrows,
I feel like talking to you,
And when I'm overwhelmed with happiness and contentment, I feel the same.
You share my worries and joys with me,
I love you my friend.

  • The sixth message:
I promise you, comrade,
I will keep your beloved sister and girlfriend,
Spirit and pulse will embrace and embrace you,
And we will live the days together, saddened by its joy,
I will cry from your tears, I will smile from your laughter,
I will be your refuge when the atmosphere is troubled.
Whatever the scale of the difficulties, I promise to stay close to you.
Until you contain the dirt, I promise you, mate.

  • The seventh message:
I love you ... so I simply tell you.
Do you believe her as I mean it?
I love you and need you in my life .. How much I love you, my friend!
Remind me if in the cold nights you caught fire,
And remind me if you heard the rain a sad voice.

  • The eighth message:
To remain loyal friends,
Until we remember our names when meeting,
Our hearts remain pure.
And we would not be like those who drank the separation like drinking water

A poem there at the corner

A poem there at the corner of the Palestinian writer and poet George Grace Farah, born in Haifa, his writings varied between poetry, short stories, thoughts and songs, and he has several groups, the first of which was "the beginning of the harvest." In this poem, George wrote about his longing for his dear friend:
There at the turn,
At the end of the road,
I had a friend ..
My dearest, brotherly love him
Since childhood and adolescence
It was days for us
We had our rounds,
We had our evening.
Our news, our secrets,
We had hopes
Dreams and delusions
Walking on feet ...
But our preoccupation,
In the crowd crowding,
In our era this is what
Invites you to catch up,
The shrine is far away
And cover the curtain
We no longer met
Despite the yearning ...
I say every day:
I have to throw tomorrow
my best friend,
We must go back to what we were in the old,
The time is running fast
One day behind,
He goes on as a thief, and I almost never wake up
Except I have bid farewell to a year
Before I wake up!
The door is knocking in the morning ,
I say: O Fatah!
Run and open to see
Our neighbor at the door,
He resists crying,
He says briefly:
Your dear friend at the turn ...
How long to stay!