Poetry of adoration

Poetry of adoration
Adoration is the increase in love and reaching its degree that the loved one seizes the heart of the lover and lives in his heart and conscience and never leaves him. One of the conditions for adoration is greed to reach the adored.
We mention to you a poem from the creativity of the poet Nizar Qabbani in love
Unfinished poem in defining love 1) .. When I decided to write about my experience in love, I thought a lot ..
What do my confessions find?
Before me people wrote about love a lot ..
Filmed above the walls of the grottoes,

And in the pottery and clay vessels, in the past
Inscription above the elephant ivory in India ..
And on top of the papyrus in Egypt,
And over rice in China ..
Gift him the offerings, and gift him the vow ..
when I decided to publish my thoughts about love.
I hesitated a lot ..
I am not a chaplain,
I didn’t teach pupils,
I do not believe that roses ..
Forced to explain to the people the arrogant ..
What do I write, madam?
It is my experience alone ..
I am alone.
It is the sword that punches me alone ..
He increased with death present.

When I traveled on your sea, madam ..
I was not looking at the sea map,
I did not bring a rubber boat with me.
No lifejacket ..
I went to Narc as a Buddhist.
And I chose destiny ..
It was my pleasure to write with chalk ..
My address on the sun ..
And build my daring cupcakes over you ..
3) When I loved you ..
I noticed that the red cherry is in our garden
It has become round cinder ..

And that the fearful fish from the hook of the children ..
He comes with millions to cast in our seed strains ..
And that the cypress has increased.
And that the age has expanded.
And that God ..
He has finally returned to Earth ..
When I loved you ..
I noticed that summer is coming ..
Ten times to us every year ..
And that the wheat grows ..
Ten times we have every day
And that the fleeing moon from our town ..
He came to rent a house and a bed ..
And that sweat mixed with sugar and anise ..
I have been in love so much ..
When I loved you ..
Children’s laughter in the world is sweeter ..
And the taste of bread is sweeter ..

And the sweetest snow
And the black cats meow in the sweetest street ..
And meeting with the palm on the sidewalks of the "red" is sweeter.
And the little graphics we leave in the restaurant towel are sweeter.
And sip black coffee ..
And smoking ..
And evening in the survey on Saturday night ..
And the sand that keeps our bodies from the weekend,
And the copper color on your back, after the summer trekking,

The sweetest ..
And the magazines that we sleep on ..
And we stretched and chatted for hours on it.
Birds on the horizon became birds ...
When I loved you, madam
Good blessed me ..
All the pineapple trees with your eyes ..
And thousands of acres on the sun,
And they gave me the keys to the heavens ..
And gift me the appeals ..
Gift me the silk
When I tried to write about my love ..
I was very tired ..
I am inside the sea ...
My sense of water pressure is unknown to me
Change those who were lost in the depths of the ocean in ages.
What do I write about your love, madam?
All that my memory remembers ..
That I woke up from my sleep in the morning ..
To see myself as a prince ..