Poetry of Muhammad bin Fateis

These are some of the poems of the great poet Muhammad bin Fateis
Roll around, you can never go back ------ before no haggis and come to play

Sekat appeals my appeals ------ and La Ja is broken on my head sticks

Sulfo, if you hadn't wanted to beg, ------ before I don't sit in sadness, I'm leaving

Laugh if the workers are laughing -------- and compliment me if my story annoys you

For me and Lev he will make him less easy -------- it is my day and my day ... or my day

He went, but the spectrum of his disappearance in the eyes ------- Once in front of me and once in my opinion

If they keep silent, and he is gentle, Yamon ------- I will be obsessive to him and show him to me

My eyes gain from the difference. Mazoo ------- It rains to his window .. And the lightning? My friends

All that they had if they were joking -------- deprive me of my lunch and my dinner

I know that he did not forget the friendliness of the universe -------- You hear his permission in the noses of my tongue, except me

And they said I forgot him lying ------- Otherwise, I would have a look and an opinion

My love for me was on my protected news ------- By God, if I were my destiny ...

With the remains of love and the ruins of madness ------ God knows best in his conscience and what remains

Do not obey me, and you will no longer be silent ------- And by God, I can not hear you

Go up to your heart, oh patience
And my chest extends over you and my patience
And your life will be longer in my memory and older
And my eyes look gray, usually old
By God, the color of my patience is above you..You are blessed
By God, even if I apologize, I will tell me
What you are forced to pay is what I am able to make you
Oh, on the land of Alfa, you did not join me in Shabri

I feel upset, come back and tell me about your news
I will break for you, I will turn to you
Your spectrum and your long memory, your absence
And longing to see you throughout your absence spree
Right, and love, and love, or I say bless you
I love you, I adore you and I dug my grave

Do not narrow the world on you and Chawat ----- God created what Varka was found

And from the Arabs, the sound and the dress were filled with ------ and worries fell on you

Raise your hands to your Creator. Do not be deceived. ------- And I call you closer to you, I became prostrate

Time of your times, times of timing ------ and register for yourself in the mosques

I preach the grief of the protector of religion and the home

He who kills the living then revives the dead ------ to his consent, he healed many people and mosques