The poet Nizar Qabbani is one of the most important poets who wrote poetry in spinning and women, and has made women a symbol of the homeland often. One of the most beautiful poems of Nizar Qabbani in spinning: what?

What coup will happen in my life ?? If I adore a woman who is at your level .. Any coup will happen - if I love you - in the system of beings .. Any concussion in the conscience of the universe If I play with my hair your hands..If a woman like you is my love .. I built for lovers a thousand cities .. And I extended my authority over all the kingdoms And languages ​​.. if a woman like you .. you love me ?? what wonders will happen in the nature? What will happen to the sea and boats? What will happen to the planets ?? What will happen to religions? If the city saw your eyes or heard your fault? What will happen to the arts if to touch your lips? What will happen to culture, but to the whole world? I wish I could fall in love with a woman like you?

And this poem is one of the most beautiful written by Nizar Qabbani. It was sung and composed by Kazem El-Saher:

I fear that the world will rain, and I am not with me. Since I started and I have a rainy knot, the winter covered me with his coat, so I do not think of cold or boredom. The wind was howling behind my window, and you whisper hold my hair. The sight is how I erase you from the leaves of my memory while you are in the heart, like the inscription in the stone.

An excuse for the pre-Islamic poet Qais bin Dhirih ibn Sunnah, in Lubna bint Al-Habab Al-Kaabi, whom he later married and then divorced and returned to after him:

Not oh semi built not take into account Oloa O semi-structures do not take into account not Ttimma reduced castles Voqaibdi and Aaodney Rdai was parting Lubna Kalkhaddaa Tknffine informers Vozajuna faithful people to Loashi obeyed became Leghdat I blame myself on something not possible for Kmgbon bite on his hands showing Bgenh after Baya Dar waste َر You left the building of that time, it will be guided to the waste, and we may live the pleasure of living when if the age for man is sheer, but everyone is separated. Alanov reasons for Heduaa