Prescriptions of vinegar


  • 1 vinegar
  • 2 prescriptions for vinegar
    • 2.1 Treating angina pectoris problem
    • 2.2 Athlete's foot treatment
    • 2.3 Treating an ear infection
    • 2.4 Reducing body temperature and treating throat problems
    • 2.5 Treating muscle tension
    • 2.6 Treating skin blemishes
  • 3 non-medical uses of vinegar
    • 3.1 Cleaning the window panes
    • 3.2 To remove stains
    • 3.3 Maintain nail polish


Vinegar is known as a dilute solution of acetic acid, which can be obtained by fermenting some types of fruits, such as dates, apples, or grapes, and it is characterized by its multiple uses, as it is used in preparing some food dishes, in addition to some household uses, in addition to treating some Health problems, and in this article we will introduce you to prescriptions for vinegar.

Prescriptions of vinegar

Treating angina pectoris problem

Reduces the severity of angina, to which many stressors, smokers, those who consume large amounts of saturated fat, and those who suffer from high blood pressure, by gargling seventy grams of apple cider vinegar mixed with a glass of lukewarm water, then eat it twice a day, and it is advised to reduce The amount of vinegar if the throat is sensitive.

Athlete's feet treatment

Vinegar is used to treat the problem of foot fungi that leads to itching in the sole of the foot and an unpleasant smell, by soaking the feet several times a day in apple cider vinegar, because it is resistant to fungi and reduces skin irritation, and it is possible to dip a piece of cotton in apple cider vinegar, then Apply it to the toes and toe.

Treating an ear infection

A piece of fabric is placed in a mixture of white alcohol and apple cider vinegar, then placed in the ear, which reduces itching and problems caused by swimming in water pools, or the sea.

Reducing body temperature and treats throat problems

This is done by placing four teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in any warm soup, then adding a clove of crushed garlic and a little red pepper, and it is possible to eat a mixture of apple cider vinegar and honey of bees.

Muscle tension treatment

Half a tablespoon of vinegar is consumed when you feel muscle tension, especially in the leg area, because it increases potassium levels in the body and reduces pain.

Treating skin imperfections

The face is thoroughly washed with water, then applied to the face with a piece of cotton, especially on the cheeks, nose, and chin, which clog pores and prevents the appearance of pimples.

Non-medical uses of vinegar

Clean the windows

Mix a quarter cup of white vinegar with a quarter of a tablespoon of hand washing liquid, then put it in a bottle, shake it well, and use a piece of fabric to clean it.

To remove stains

Apply a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid, add several drops of vinegar, mix them well, put them on stains, and rub them thoroughly to get rid of them.

Keep nail polish

The fungi are wiped with a little vinegar before coating, because it absorbs moisture on the nail, which helps the paint stick to it.