Ruling on beauty


  • 1 Judgment on the beauty of the soul
  • 2 words about the beauty of life
  • 3 The most beautiful of what was said about a woman’s beauty
  • 4 words about the beauty of nature
  • 5 words about children's beauty

Ruling on the beauty of the soul

  • The beauty of the soul is the only thing that time cannot get away from.
  • Your true beauty is the beauty of your soul, but those divisions will wither away one day, while the soul will glow forever.
  • Conscience vigilance from its slumber, is greatness in spirit , glory, and immortality.
  • They realized that the emptiness of the soul is not filling, if only with all the things of the world.
  • The more love grows within you, the more beauty grows, for love is the beauty of the soul within us.
  • For when the soul is not connected to loved ones, the soul becomes forever blind and sad with itself.
  • The beauty of the soul is the only thing the blind man can see.
  • Take away from the human heart the love of beauty, life strikes its magnificence and charm.
  • The most beautiful things in the world that you cannot see or even touch, you must feel them with your heart.
  • Beauty is just an outer layer, while ugliness penetrates to the bone.
  • The Lord of Hassan’s face has hidden a bad breath.
  • Satisfaction brightens the face, and gives him beauty.
  • Beauty without virtue like flower without fragrance.
  • Beauty without shame, a rose without perfume.
  • The best of good manners is good manners.
  • A beautiful face god hides an evil heart.
  • A beautiful soul in a beautiful body, is the ideal of beauty.
  • Beauty is not a property of the same things, but of the mind that contemplates them.

Words about the beauty of life

  • Wake up early, have your favorite drink, look out on the balcony, do some light sport, and smile in the face of someone you meet, that in short is the fun of life.
  • Life is full of beautiful things, so why do you see all that is ugly? Look around, enjoy this beauty, thank your Lord for the grace of looking, and enjoy all these blessings.
  • Do not hesitate to experiment, it will actually teach you, no matter what you hear from stories and experiences, you will not learn much from it until after you have experienced it.
  • Do not compare yourself with anyone; life is too small to focus with others, be yourself and not others, and do not occupy yourself with people.
  • Self - confidence is the title of every successful step. Trusting yourself means making relationships, developing skills, making pitfalls, discovering gaps, and bringing yourself options.
  • Some say that they are not that beautiful, but they possess a very inner beauty.
  • Suffering becomes beautiful when someone encounters great calamities with a wide chest and smile, not through the cruelty of feelings, but through the bright, open mind.
  • Beautiful moments are not necessarily the result of valuable or rare things. A beautiful moment may come with a smile that you see when someone is alive, or a good word that you hear from someone.
  • The problem is not the circumstances that surround us, the problem with our ability to cope with it.
  • Don't let the past hold you back, distract you from the beautiful things in life.
  • A little water saves you, and a lot of water may drown you, so you always know that you are satisfied with what you have.
  • Pretend that you are always okay no matter how hard your life is, keeping a secret is much more beautiful than others.
  • Man does not choose his color, his origin, nor his place of birth, nor his gender, yet some insist on his treatment according to these things, so let us rise to our thinking and treatment, as we are all son of Adam, and Adam is of dust.
  • Some people find happiness wherever they go, and some people bring happiness when they go.

The most beautiful thing was said about the beauty of women

  • The big difference between being in love with her is beautiful, and being beautiful because you love her.
  • Not every pure beautiful woman is pure, but every pure, pure woman is beautiful.
  • Three women do not like her: a woman is more beautiful than her, and who asks her about her age, and who asks her about her past.
  • The sane girl does not believe in love for love, but she believes in love for marriage.
  • If a woman loves you, she will give you the world, and if you hate you, the world will burn you.
  • Women are the greatest educator of men, they teach him the fine virtues, behavior literature, and the feeling paper.
  • Female beauty is nothing but an indication of the sweetness of the already or potential universe formed.
  • the woman laughs if she can but cries when she want.
  • The beautiful girl holds her foal on her forehead.
  • The poet Jarir says:
The eyes at the end of which are poplar
They killed us, then did not revive our dead
The pulp is ringing until it is motionless
They are the weakest of God’s creation, a human being
  • Yazid bin Muawiyah said:
I see you as gods orphans
Floating around the camp clouds
You hit or wore an arrow
So this is only a fine
  • Al-Mutanabbi says:
Important Fouad Araba inhabited
A house from the heart did not extend to him
As if the sun is aware of the palm of its holding
Its beam, and the party sees it approaching
  • Ali bin Abi Talib, may God be pleased with him, says:
Camels are not garments that adorn us
Beauty is the beauty of science and literature

Words about the beauty of nature

  • Look closely at nature, and then you will understand everything better.
  • Spring is the smile of nature before it is tender. There is no value to giving if it is not accompanied by a smile of satisfaction.
  • Visit the garden once a week to find out about God’s grace in nature.
  • Nature triumphs for gender against the individual, and reason triumphs for the individual against nature. This is the reason why reason and nature are at odds.
  • Deep in nature, a blooming plant is emitted, and with the night of the material, black roses bloom.
  • What beauty in nature can rival the beauty of the woman she loves?
  • Like music and art, love of nature is a common language that can transcend political or social boundaries.
  • The poet Gibran Khalil Gibran says:
Have you taken a jungle like me without a house?
So you followed the drivers and climbed the rocks?
Do you shower in perfume and inhale with light?
And dawn drank wine in the cups of Atheer?
Have you sat the age like me among the graves of grapes?
And clusters dangled many gold?
  • Al-Mutanabbi says:
People's songs are good
With the rank of spring from time
But the Arab boy is in it
Strangeness of face, hand and tongue
The playgrounds of Heaven if it goes
Solomon, with translation, with two translations
Our horses and horses even blessed
I was afraid that Karmin would be hot
They turned our branches off
Like her customs like Al-Juman
I was pleased to be withhold the freedom from me
We came out of the light with what was enough for me

Words about the beauty of children

  • Childhood is a dream story, a poem of hope , and sweet thoughts.
  • Childhood makes you part of nature's beautiful flood.
  • Childhood is a bright white page, a life of serenity, a name gap, a pure heart, and an innocent spirit.
  • The most beautiful childhood, and the most wonderful! You find innocence in the faces of children, and you find happiness in their dealings.
  • Their feelings are delicate and interesting conversations, and their dealings are love. If you harm them today, tomorrow they forget, and with a word you can erase that offense, because their hearts are white and do not bear or hate anyone.
  • Even children when you hug them, you feel you need the lap, and they are not.
  • Childhood, a tree of pure shades, spontaneous twigs bearing the fruits of acceptance and enjoyment.