Signs of beauty in a woman


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The outlook differs from beauty from one person to another, so that the perception of beauty differ from one society to another , we see in some societies , standards of beauty completely different from another community, is relative beauty is among the people, and in this article we will talk about the beauty of women marks. [1]

Signs of beauty in a woman

Since the signs of beauty differ from one person to another, there are some signs that many people agree on, including: [2]
  • The shape of the face is moderate, gentle and acceptable, so that it is consistent with the rest of the face.
  • Eyebrows prominent and specific, so that the eyes appear more prominent.
  • Big and attractive eyes This is one of the signs that give great beauty to women, and poets may spin up a lot with women who have wide eyes.
  • Long drop hair , stories and novels often talk about princesses who are distinguished by their long and loose hair.
  • Long, gentle fingers are one of the signs of beauty that attract men.
  • Long and thick eyelashes and eyelashes, it is one of the most important signs of beauty, it gives femininity to the eyes and a special charm.
  • Body with harmony in length, softness and gentleness in the shape of the outer body.
  • Natural and defined lips.
  • Dimples are attractive signs of beauty that give a special beauty to women.
  • Hair in the area between the eyebrows , this information can be shocking for many people, but this hair is a sign of beauty, and it is known that women are quick to get rid of this hair.

Signs of beauty in a woman’s people

Beauty standards and standards differ among peoples: [3]
  • Africa: Some African tribes, for example, see that the more dark a woman's skin has, the more her beauty is; they see that the degree of dark skin indicates the purity and pure race.
  • Japan, the Japanese see that a beautiful woman is a calm, gentle, soft, and gentle woman who has small feet and who is characterized by the closeness of her steps while walking
  • Eskimos and Native Americans both share the standards of a woman's beauty, considering that a beautiful woman is a woman with a beautiful mouth odor as well as a fragrant scent of hair, so women in these peoples are keen to put essential oils on the mouth and chew aromatic plants.
  • Ancient Egypt The ancient people of Egypt believed that the beauty of a woman lies in her eyes, and women chose kohl with a distinct quality of the eyes because they believed that it makes them more charming and attractive.
  • Sudan. Some Sudanese tribes see that the beauty of a woman is with many cracks on the face, and she takes the initiative to break the girl's face when she is born.