Sweeter than the contract to wear

The neck of a person ... specifically the neck of a woman's sex, especially because the subject "belongs to her alone"
As is well known, it is not ... a part that connects the head and the human body, and the esophagus inside it is intended for air and food to enter the body .. only
Rather, the neck is the most attractive part of the body of any woman whom God has given of beauty unless it is given to other like-minded women.
The morning light came up under her forehead, and a night of dark hair covered her
And if you smile if you smile, the manager of Madame blends the soul with the witness
We doubted her death from her grieving contract, so they lost a war from that death and contract
Do the days allow you, daughter of your money, to heal the heart from the pain of blocking

(Antar Al-Absi)
On the day I see the quarries and the umbrella eyelashes, they embrace the high neck of the deer
The Prophet prayed for him, and he collected all the zain, if it was sweetened, it was the original vanguard
Kamel Zinah Al-Safi is taking advantage of it, with horror, femininity and immorality
My eyes are on the face of a friendly, boiled lid, so her eyelid falls off and becomes terrible

One of the most beautiful poems said in this regard is his poem, Khaled Ibn Yazid, on his wife
When he saw her the necklace was wrapped on her neck and it was his poem (The Contract) .. which was sung by Arab artist Mohamed Abdo
Sweeter than the contract, his clothes, nicely decorated by the contract
The diamond wears the diamond, the more the diamond increases
Mr. Al-Ghanadir, Mr
Blink tomorrow, soldiers and his guards, let him kill him
A blink I am afraid of his clothes, I would have turned him back, even if I wanted him

My eyes are bleak, my heart is in your tweets
The shepherd knows the people, his feast with the Wolf and Happy
And sweeter than a decade to wear
Where did you describe it and give examples?
And the adornment of it and beauty I prepare it
Be the herpes in her neck necklace catenary
Important with its boil, and its sweetest client
In her palm is a seal, and in her cheek is uncle, and in her eyes are clouds, buildings, and houses
The uncle saw his lips visible from behind the shawl, and the diamond was set with a sapphire
And age in the twentieth I was Mani Bazal, and the body was of a sculpted snow mountain
Mountain, but its roads have money, and its steps are how many meters in hot
What do you see the sun from shades I have shades, and summer resorts between London and Beirut
The sun, if it shone on its body, asked, but it is a milky
And from the smallness of her grateful condition, she complained about the situation, eating only almonds, peaches and berries
  • Do not you become brighter than touch ?! And white snow?
Diamond adorns you, what adorns you

Feared on her hand the nobility of her eyeball, she wore her armor a shield of zebrafish
She left me bedridden, saying, reflect on how the Antelope did with the lion
One of the most beautiful contemporary poems
To Prince Khalid bin Yazi
The story of the poem wrote the poem (sweeter than the contract to wear) in his wife when we looked at her while wearing the contract and found her sweeter and more precious than any diamond in the world Abi Zee such
It boasts a good contract
The diamond wears a diamond
What increased the essence increase it
Mr. Al-Ghanadir, Mr

Ramesh Ghady enlisted and his guards
He annihilates his friend, he annihilates him
Blink I am afraid of his clothes
I returned him even if I wanted him
My eyes are blessed
My heart in your love tweet
Hobby pastor Aref people
His feast with the Wolf and happy
And ((sweeter than the contract to wear))

(Sweeter than the dress code)
The contract is good for her
The diamond wears a diamond
What increased the essence increase it
Mr. Al-Ghanadir, Mrs.