The best diet ever


  • 1 Dieting
  • 2 important tips before starting the dieting program
  • 3 diet plan weekly
    • 3.1 Breakfast
    • 3.2 Lunch
    • 3.3 Dinner meal
  • 4 video vegetables in the oven for diet


Diet watchers fall into a fierce cycle to reach the ideal weight, and you find many of them walking in the mazes of diets spread across the Internet, and there are those who visit nutritional clinics, and some of them who use medicinal herbs to search for any method that leads to weight loss, and we will mention a correct, fast and tried way to lose weight .

Important advice before starting the dieting program

  • Avoid eating after 8:30 in the evening, and only drink water and sugar-free and warm drinks.
  • Eat vegetables between meals, and avoid eating fruits before and after eating.
  • Always consume about six cups of water or eight cups a day, and drink more frequently between meals.
  • Reducing the percentage of salt in the food, and avoiding consuming all kinds of oil unless it is included in the recipe.
  • Avoid eating some fruits, such as kaka, grapes, chestnuts, bananas, apricots, beets, dates, figs, and manga during the accursed period.
  • Avoid drinking soft drinks, especially in the first week of starting the diet, and it is possible to drink it twice a week in a small amount, after the second week of starting the diet.
  • Replace eating a meal of red meat and chicken with a dish of grilled fish and stay away from fried or tuna, because the benefits of fish are greater for the body.
  • Determine the amount of food before eating it, and you should eat quietly and without reaching satiety.

Diet program weekly


A cup of skim milk, a teaspoon of natural honey, two toast pieces with a piece of white cheese, and a cup of grapefruit juice.


This arrangement is according to the seven days, and it is as follows:
  • Breast of skinless and grilled chicken, a piece of toast, and an oil-free salad bowl.
  • A plate of boiled rice, and a piece of boiled chicken.
  • Piece of toast, piece of steak cooked to taste, and a bowl of boiled vegetables.
  • A plate of rice cooked to taste, with an amount of sauce or curd.
  • A bowl of vegetable soup devoid of cooking cream and obesity, a bowl of vegetable salad with tuna, and a piece of toast.
  • Piece of toast, vegetable soup bowl and a piece of beef steak.
  • Choose favorite dishes and avoid eating bread.


  • Piece of toast greased with yogurt, vegetable soup bowl, apple and orange.
  • A piece of toast with white cheese or lard cheese, a cup of fresh natural sugar-free juice, and a choice of two pills of fruit.
  • Piece of toast with tuna salad platter and a grain of apples.
  • A small piece of any candy, a cup of milk, and an orange.
  • Salad bowl, toast, two boiled eggs, and a grain of any kind of fruit.
  • A bowl of vegetable salad that contains (tomato, cucumber, lettuce, etc.), a piece of toast with cheese, and a cup of skim milk.
  • A cup of skimmed milk, a toast with a brick, and two tablets of fruit.