The best places in Alexandria


  • 1 The Modern Alexandria Library
  • 2 opera house
  • 3 Antoniadis Gardens and Palace
  • 4 Alexandria National Museum
  • 5 Royal Jewelry Museum
  • 6 References

Alexandria Modern Library

The new Alexandria Library represents an innovative idea to rebuild and revive the Old Alexandria Library, which dates back to classical times, where the first person who launched this idea is a professor at the University of Alexandria called Mustafa Mustafa al-Abadi, knowing that the Egyptian government has adopted the application of the idea on the ground, so he realized The construction of the new library in 2001, and it was opened to visitors in 2002, knowing that this library won the impressive design of all those who saw it. Its roof is made of glass and aluminum, and it takes the shape of the sun disk facing the Mediterranean Sea (about 40 km away). Only), one also covers the exterior walls around 6.400 granite slab engraved by letters, and words from different alphabets. It is worth noting that this library contains about 8 million volumes within it, as well as a school, a huge dome, and a conference center. [1]

Opera House

The opera house, known as “Sayed Darwish Theater”, is considered one of the most beautiful architectural monuments in Alexandria, it was included to be on the list of the Egyptian national heritage in the year 2000 AD, and with the work of restoration and amendment, the theater became more luxurious, ancient, and the opera house is distinguished by its hall The grandeur is magnificent, as it hosts many world-class events, including concerts, musical performances, and cultural meetings. [2]

Antoniadis Gardens and Palace

The Antoniadis Gardens are considered to be one of the historic world botanical gardens, as they are one of the oldest gardens in the world, as their history dates back to the era of the Ptolemies in Egypt, and they also went through many of the restoration and reconstruction works in their history, in addition to that a palace was established in them by order of Muhammad Ali Pasha In 1918, it became a property of the Municipality of Alexandria. It is worth noting that the garden is distinguished today by its wonderful design, which combines Islamic , Italian, French and Greek architecture , and it contains within it many rare and perennial plants, in addition to a group of rare marble statues. [3]

Alexandria National Museum

The National Museum of Alexandria, located in Alexandria, represents one of the most beautiful architectural monuments in the city, where it was opened to be a museum in 2003 AD, after it was a palace of the happiest Basile Pasha until 1954 AD, and the National Museum of Alexandria on its three floors includes about 1,800 artifacts dating back to the stages The various Egyptian civilizations , in addition to a group of artifacts that were found drowned in the Gulf of Abu Qir in Alexandria. [4]

Royal Jewelry Museum

This museum is considered one of the most beautiful tourist landmarks in the city of Alexandria , where it was opened as a museum in 1986, after it was owned by Princess Fatima Al-Zahra, and the area of ​​the Royal Jewelry Museum is about 4,185 m², and it contains within it a rare and wonderful collection of the property of the Alawite royal family, Like jewelry, golden objects, diamond-encrusted watches, jewels, precious stones, jewelry, and other precious items. [3]