The hair of the beloved parting

The separation of the one you love and the one who clings to your heart for days and years is an extremely difficult and sensitive matter. I present poetry to him and write it between his lines to comfort the difference in the love of life and to break the dream of delivering loneliness and isolation.
The most beautiful plan of Arabic poetry in separation:

Sadness kills me
They are killing me
Injustice to my beloved torments me
Ah .. what is this life
Which are all endless pains
Injured wounds
And tears from the eyes take place
My cheek was injured
Shed my berth
And I robbed my sleep
Oh my heart
What a patient
The beloved does not take turns

Despite his injustice a lot
His great wound
Who does not heal or disappear
I still love him
Despite all the evils, I still adore him

Despite injustice and immorality
You still crave it
Despite its arrogance
My heart .. and itching my heart
How long .. for how long ??
Tell me God for you for how long ??
This is patience
And this skin and endurance
How long is this staying up late?
Until when with all this suffering and humiliation?
Stop this, stop
Think about it as I hated it
What I deserted
And tormented as I was tortured
As wronged as wronged
I hurt, as I did
I suffered a lot
I was patient and much to a loved one who does not know
Love has meaning
As for you, my heart, to stop all this
God is upon you my heart
A poem, I ask you to leave
I ask the departed to separate us a little ..
For the good of this love, my love
And our goodness ..
Let's separate a little
Because I want to increase my love
I want to hate me for a bit
For what we have ..
Of a precious male was on both of us ..
With great love ..
It is still inscribed on our mouth
It's still engraved on our hands ..
What you wrote .. to me ..
And your transplanted face is like a rose inside me ..
And your remaining love on my hair is on my fingertip
For our memories
Our beautiful sorrow and smile
And our love that is greater than our words
Is greater than our lips.
Truly the sweetest love story in our lives
I ask you to leave
To break up loved ones ..
Flying in every season ..
The plateau separation ..
And the sun, my love ..
It is sweeter when you try to be absent
Be in my life suspicion and torment
Once a legend ...
Once, be a mirage.
And be a question in my mouth
He does not know the answer
For a wonderful love
The heart and fringes inhabit us
And to always be beautiful
And to be closer
I ask you to go ..
Let's separate .. and we are lovers ..
Let's separate despite all love and affection
It is through tears, my love
I want to see me
And through fire and smoke
I want you to see me ..
Let's be burnt ... to your love, my love
We have forgotten
The blessing of crying from time ago
Let's separate ..
So that our love does not become usual
We longed ashes ..
The flowers wither in the pots.
Rest assured, my baby
Your love still filled the eye and the conscience
I am still taken with your great love
I still dream that you will be mine ..
O Persian, you and my prince
But I .. But I ..
I am afraid of my affection
I am afraid of my feelings
I'm afraid to get tired of our longings
I am afraid of our salon ..
I am afraid of our embrace ..
In the name of wonderful love
Blooming like spring in our depths ..
It lit like the sun in our pupils
In the name of the sweetest love story of our time
I ask you to leave ..
Until our love remains beautiful ..
Until his life is long ..
I ask you to leave
o like