The latest 2020 diet

Many of the women and girls of the Arab world are suffering from the problem of excess and weight and do not know the solution and complicate themselves when they see others are thinner than them or when you want to go to a party and do not know what to wear because of its weight and now I will give you the latest diet and the creation of God will help you to summarize the extra weight and from these Dieting:
The first diet:
First: Madam, you must eat several meals during the day and do not neglect any meal even if it is dinner, and make your meals small in order to stimulate the stomach, which helps burn calories and try to range the number of meals between five and six meals a day and must contain Meals are on small quantities of food, and the meals are on specific dates, so you can eat at breakfast, a cup of tea with skimmed milk, and eat what equals a quarter of a loaf of bread with a piece of cheese, then after three hours you can eat fruit, and at lunch what It is equal to one piece of meat or eat two tablespoons of L Rice with some vegetables, and after two hours have a cup of yogurt. As for the last meal, it is better to have some fruit.

Second: The most important thing in dieting is to drink water and fluids to maintain your weight, and you must eat at least 2 liters of water per day to stimulate the blood circulation that helps to stimulate the stomach. Drinking water helps to feel full and thus helps not to eat large amounts of food. Besides the many benefits we know about water and its effect on the general health of the body.
Third: A common mistake we make when trying to do dieting or lose weight is to refrain from eating some types of food such as starches and sweets, which is a wrong behavior because the body needs us to eat all kinds of food, and we must eat a few starches and sugars that our body needs. Drink a small amount of it once a week.
The second diet: Breakfast in this diet should be fixed for a week: tea or coffee without sugar, or if you wish two glasses of water on Saturday and Sunday.
The food should contain: a piece of grilled beef, with a lot of salad "lettuce", tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots, without oil but a little salt and lemon. Dinner salad bowl only. On Monday and Tuesday. Today, the food will be: two boiled eggs, and a bowl of salad. Either dinner is only salad. On Wednesday and Thursday.
Food: 2 option, with can yogurt. Dinner is only two options. On Friday it will be difficult: Food: An apple. And dinner: an apple. I advise my lady not to think repeatedly about dieting, and make your life normal. Always make sure that breakfast is the main meal for you. The most important thing is that you do not sleep after breakfast.