The most beautiful verses

The most beautiful verses in love

Love, my love
A beautiful poem written on the moon
Love is drawn on all leaves
Love engraved on
Bird feathers and rain grains
But any woman in my country
If you love a man
Thrown with 50 stones
Your eyes know that I have waited so long
As summer waited for a bird

The most beautiful poetic verses about separation

You are saying goodbye to me like the spirit
If it was once, then it is necessary
Heal all of them and let me remain
I need bid you farewell, I wish you bid you farewell
Before traveling Woody a last look
I live in it for the rest of my life and die
For your difference, I'm the rest
There is nothing but your sensation
I tried to forget you, my part
And I found that I forgot people
I asked you please do not want me to say Done

take care of your self