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the love

We cannot live without love , as it relieves us of the hardships and troubles of life , enlightening our lives with a bright smile whenever it reminds us of those inside our hearts, so whatever we try to hide this feeling, or transcend it, we cannot because it stems from within, so here you have the most beautiful talk about love and its impact.

Love phrases

  • The lover is not the one who fascinates us from the first meeting, but the one who sneaks inside us without feeling as if suddenly you discover that it is the air you breathe.
  • They ask me why I love you, idiots, as if they ask me why I breathe.
  • Your love of death scars, my breath crouches, my soul is torn, my soul is torn, and it leaves me between death and life missing for my senses.
  • Love does not master thinking, and the most dangerous thing is that he does not have a memory, that he does not benefit from his past follies, nor from those small disappointments that once made his great wound.
  • If love were words that my pen would have ended, but love is soul and gift, would my soul suffice you?
  • Fate of love is disappointment because it is born with high dreams greater than its owners, because it needs to transcend them to be love.
  • In the life of each of us a person like a needle, if he touches you bothers you and hurts you, you may cry out from him and he may cry for you if you find him, so hold fast to him because you will realize in the end that he was sewing for you what you tore you in yourself.
  • Love asks the woman to enter her heart, and the man breaks into his heart without asking permission.
  • Love is torture in the hearts of young people, love is a plant in the hearts of girls, love is a myth in broken hearts, love is a necessary evil.
  • My dear, does it make sense for the distances to separate us and bring us together groans? O you who possessed my heart and my joy, O of your love and my world.
  • Do you believe me if I told you that beauty was created from your eyes when seeing you?
  • My love, when I sleep, I dream that I see you in reality, and when I wake up I hope to see you again in my dreams.
  • When my soul stops loving your soul, my pen stops loving letters and kissing paper.
  • The beautiful thing is to plant a rose in the grove of the one you love, and the most beautiful thing is to put love in the heart of a human being, you alone are in his eyes the most beautiful and sweetest angel.
  • It is nice to play the affectionate role in order to gain those with you, and the most beautiful thing is to win over those with you with all madness.
  • I have loved you and made my decision, so who should I offer my excuses? There is no power in love above my authority, so opinion is my opinion, and the choice is my choice.
  • Between destiny and destiny, there is a cemetery in which half of human feelings are buried.
  • When we love our feelings are related to fear, we fear loss, fear separation , and fear the share more.

Poems in love

My heart's poem tells me that you are shredded

The poem belongs to the poet Ibn Al-Fardh, who is Omar bin Ali bin Murshid bin Ali al-Hamwi originally, the Egyptian-born, the house and the death, known as Sharaf al-Din bin Al-Fayed, a mystical poet, nicknamed the Sultan of lovers, in his poetry a philosophy related to the so-called (unity of existence), and he says in his poem:
My heart is telling me that you are shredding
My soul, you knew or not
I didn't spend your hawk right if I was that
There was no sorrow in it, and someone like me fulfilled
I have nothing but my soul, and I surrender to himself,
In love with Jehovah is not wasteful
So if you were satisfied with it, you would have served me;
O disappointment if you do not seek help
You mind the good deeds, and my donor
The sickness garment in it and my damaged grandfather
A sympathy for my soul, and you have not kept me
From my hard body, and my heart's heart
So, the existence remains, and the connection is delayed.
Patience is mortal, and meeting is good
I was not without envy of you, so do not be lost
Watch out for the shaky fiction
And ask the stars of the night: Has he visited the balls?
He dried me out, and how would he visit someone who did not know?
It is not surprising that she scarcely closed her eyelids
My eyes flushed with tears, fluttering
And what happened in the farewell position of
The pain of the nuclei, I witnessed the horror of the situation
If you do not have a connection, return it
My hope and procrastination is that you promised and do not fulfill
It seems to you that I have the honor
She pleases as a conductor from a paramedic
I bleed the breath of a breeze rumble
And for the face of those who quoted Choufi
Perhaps the flames of my wings by their blowing
To be cleaned, and I would like not to be
O friendly people, you are my hope and who
I call you, my family, my friend is enough
Go back to where you were from Wafa,
Karma, I am the loyal vinegar
And your life and your life in section and in
My life, without your life, I did not swear
If my soul is in my hands and my gift
To bring good tidings to your coming, I was not fair
Do not count in the fancy artificially
I cost you a creation without cost
I hid your love and made me sad
Even, for my life, I almost disappeared
I kept it hidden from me, if I had shown it
I would have found it hidden from hidden kindness
And I say to the harasser:
Expose yourself to the game, target
You are the one who killed him
So choose yourself in the passion of your choice
Say to the calves you blame my greed
The blame for the passion is my arrest
Let me blame me, taste the passion
If you fell in love, then be violent
He went underground with a love from Lu, in the darkness
The veil of discovery I said, Badr, disappear
And if he is satisfied with the imagination of others,
For I, with his compass, I am not satisfied
Standing upon my love, and my plight,
For less than to avoid it, I do not recover
He loves it, and it is my mechanism, and a section is sufficient for him.
I almost postpone it as the Koran
If he had said, “Stand on the bridle.”
I stood in compliance and did not stop
Or if someone who is satisfied, with my cheek, has a footstool
I put it on the ground and did not shit
Do not deny my passion for what satisfies though
He, by the way, did not sympathize with me
I overcame fancy, so I obeyed my youthfulness
From where I disobeyed my punishment
From him to humiliation subject, and from him to me
The power of manifold and the power of the weak
A thousand sods, and my heart is still,
Since I was a non-conqueror, he is not familiar
I will mumble everything that pleases him
And his rhythm, which I send him in
If you hear Jacob mention the navigation
In his face he forgot the mandarin beauty
Or if he sees him back, Job is in
The year of pellets, in the past, of the pelvis was cured
All turn if it becomes evident in the future
You aspire to Him, and all may be more fearful
If I say: I have every one in you
He said: Navigation is mine, and all the good is in me
He completed his merits, if he had given a tooth
For the full moon, it was not lost
And to master himself, describe it as good.
Time passes away, and in it what is not described
I spent all his love on me
A good hand, I praised my good behavior
The eye loves the image of Al-Hassan
My soul in it aspires to a hidden meaning
My brother is happy, and he sang me with his talk,
Spread out my hearing, hang out
To see with an eye of witness see his goodness
Meaning, so make me feel honorable and honorable
My sister, Saad, from my love you came to me
With a message I kindly performed
I heard what you did not hear and looked
You didn't look and knew what you did not know
If he goes, one day, to avoid interruption,
Charged with it, or walked, eye, add
There is no sin, and whoever loves me is with me,
If a person is absent from my eyes then he is in

A poem of love, a sea and a guard

The poem belongs to the poet Naguib Surour, who is Mohamed Naguib Mohamed Hagras, born in the village of Khattab, the center of Aga, Dakahlia Governorate, an Egyptian poet, nicknamed "the poet of reason", married the Egyptian artist Samira Mohsen, and says in his poem:
They said: "Love prolongs life."
Really, really, love prolongs life
When we feel like the world is a blossom bouquet
When we heal as if we were from a crystal
When we stole the dawn
When we say words like poetry
When the heart beats like a bird
About to leave the chest cage
To embrace embrace all people
We were sitting on the sand
In our eyes was gnawa
Never written by a poet
She said: Describe this sea
- My grave, I do not like the art of description
So how do you say poetry ?!
I am not considered a poet
I do not draw this world, but I live it
I only organize when I am almost paralyzed
Unless I outline myself in words
Let's summarize this sea
- How? How is a house of hair?
- Even in a kiss
Across the guard, and then streamed, "We're here."
He went on to look at us
O guard, we do not steal
O guard, I wish you fell in love
I wish love remained the whole world
I wish people had a kiss
I wish an umbrella would be raised on the poles
In order to hug all the wounds of people
So that people can live for centuries in moments "
And the guard walked, she said "Outward this sea."
Duaa was sleeping on the lips
It seems that the ranger owns this sea
He hates us being summed up in kisses
Let us summarize it in words
Do you think he can even prevent the word ?!

Thoughts in love

The first risk:
Heavenly winds brought these thoughts, to the moon whose light diminished over time, I tried to be strong like you but the scent flowers with the smell of love like the words that do not reach you turn into a waste of their weakness, I would have flown into your sky, if I had wings like a butterfly and I don't care about what has become On it, and the pain and sadness that I might feel for that, heavenly winds brought these thoughts, which were dispersed before the moon reached, dreams last only for a moment, to remain in my heart like the cocoon waiting to die, with my tears under the light of a diminishing moon.

The second thought:
As long as separation is the other side of love, and disappointment is the other side of love, why is there no feast of forgetfulness in which postmen strike strikes, telephone lines stop, and radio stations are prevented from broadcasting emotional songs, and we stop writing the poetry of love?

The third thought:
What a woman demands now is not a knight as we believe, nor a man who provides everything for her as Shakespeare says, nor a wall that leans on him as our proverbs say, she is able to do everything by herself without a rider and without a man, but she is unable to love only her law, With this man, a knight or a child, a woman’s food is love and not money, neither the horsemen nor the men, this is what the woman wants no more.

Fourth thoughts:
Do you know, my dear, that you do not pass my mind? Because there is nothing I think of except you, I do not love you but adore you and your passions, and if you are absent from me I will not be sad because I will die, I, my love, did not live for you, but I will die for you.

Fifth thoughts:
Life Dmatan, tear encounter and tear parting, the days did not bring us together, it will bring us together dreams, the dreams did not bring us together, we will bring us together memories, and the splendor of hope and the meeting, if docked ship on the shore of memories Vadjalna one of the passengers.

The Sixth Threat:
Love is a look, look is love, love is a whisper, a whisper is love, love is life, life is love, because I love you sincerely from my heart. I accept my abundant feelings, from the depths of my sincere heart forever. You go heavy on your shoulders, and quietly, I hope to follow you on the path of danger, the clouds that fly far have been prepared especially for this moment, I hope to be by your side, for the sun that dyes my heart with your love, I just want to be attached to you.

The seventh thought:
It is nice for someone with you to share feelings and feelings with you and for the most beautiful to last so long I loved you until the eye shed tears of fear If I thought about you, I loved you until I forgot all my life and you became my life.

The Eighth Thoughts:
Whoever holds the heart in her hands, I asked you, God, do not leave me, do not leave me, what would I be if you were not? I love you very, very, very seriously, and I refuse from the fire of your love to resign, and can the orphan in love adore the independence? What matters to me if I came out of love alive and what does it matter to me if I go out dead.