The most beautiful yarn for the eyes


  • 1 The most beautiful yarn for the eyes
  • 2 sayings in the beauty of the eyes
  • 3 Words of spinning eyes
  • 4 Hair spinning eyes

The most beautiful yarn for the eyes

  • My love from now on, and when I write poetry to your eyes, the eye tells, so you send the hair.
  • If you cannot participate in making beauty, you should at least celebrate it, so your eyes are the source of beauty.
  • If a person encounters something beautiful, as beautiful as your eyes, the words will remain silent in their presence.
  • We travel the world in search of beauty and we do not know that the beauty of the eyes of those we love surrounds us.
  • Beauty lies in the eyes in its outlook of the person you love, so it becomes full of sophistication and splendor.
  • You killed me with your pure eyes, longing for an army that captured my heart, and bound my heart to you.
  • Your eyes are the color of clouds, and my eyes are always looking.
  • In her eyes is a sea in which people drown, and in her eyelash an arrow brings death.
  • The sea that I inhabit with your eyes, drowned in it with all satisfaction and love, and I do not want to escape.
  • The light of my light has disappeared, and the night in my eyes has disappeared from the beauty of your eyes.
  • The words that a woman says with her eyes need several dictionaries to interpret it.
  • Whenever I looked into the eyes of a woman who loved, forgot my sorrows and sorrows.
  • The color of your eyes has life, and in their charm there is a gentle force that is able to change the features of my face only with a look from you.
  • I only believed in the magic of the eyes when I knew you, who has the most beautiful eyes on this earth.

Sayings in the beauty of the eyes

  • Ah from the eyes, and the action of the eyes. She has an innocent wound in the heart, and an inevitable love.
  • Your eyes are my last hope, and my night is longer than the eyes.
  • Your eyes, as the eye of Al-Maha, cloud the cloud.
  • When I met your eyes, I no longer advised in the passion.
  • As long as the eyes of beautiful women are not cast glow.
  • The meaning of sedition in beauty is that you love the woman from her eyes.
  • Black pearls in the eyes of women.
  • In the beauty of your eyes I see the paradise of the earth, so how can I only appreciate and honor this unique beauty ?
  • The most beautiful and strongest eyes, the eyes of women.
  • The purity of the sky in her eyes, and the dignity and love in every gesture of her are beautiful beautiful with good and generosity.
  • Your eyes are my sky, and your heart is my biggest country.
  • Great love of eyes, and love in your eyes greater.
  • Your eyes are light Haldania and the accuracy of my heart is enamored.
  • Seeing your beautiful eyes is my request, but after you are far from me, my condition.
  • Your eyes always win the satisfaction of my heart.
  • Others may see joy in your eyes, joy in your speech, and in your movements life, but they do not know that only your eyes are the secret of my love for you.
  • Your eyes are a homeland that I don’t call a departure.
  • In your eyes look tales and secrets, and in your eyes look I see paradise and the sea.
  • Remembering the love of eyes and its magic, more eyes love your eyes, O eyes of longing, since since I saw your eyes it became my destination.
  • Your eyes wore the beauty of the stars.

The words of spinning eyes

  • Nice feeling when I try to glimpse you among them, and suddenly I see your eyes looking for me.
  • Omar has in your eyes I want to live, God has brought the life in your eyes.
  • God is the beauty of your eyes beyond beauty.
  • In your eyes words , sea and silent love.
  • I contemplate the beauty of your eyes, and I only lose in your laughter.
  • Your eyes full of beauty confuse my heart.
  • In the beauty of your eyes, excuse me if I look longer.
  • Your eyes garden glow, cheeks flower.
  • I miss your eyes, your touches, your whispers, and the sea is witnessing. You know very well what the sea means to me.
  • My fate is in the darkness of your glamorous eyes, my destiny is to live in your eyes.
  • Morning beauty is similar to your sweet eyes.
  • O long-haired, beautiful eyes, when I see you confuse which one I love most charming eyes or your charming hair.
  • Two-thirds of the beauty of things is your eyes, and from the language of eyes I read in your eyes the words of love.
  • The beauty of morning waxing with your eyes, sunlight is drawn with your eyelids, and the entire universe is worth nothing without you.
  • The beauty of your eyes is very similar to your descriptions.
  • Her eyes as a galaxy germinated grass.
  • I wanted your eyes to see the beauty of life, so you can guide me to life.
  • I will make the beauty of your eyes shine my way, and I will make your hair strings decorate my craftsmanship, my most beautiful and most beautiful princess.
  • I do not know what happened to me since I saw the beauty of your eyes, your face and your smile that tempted me like other lovers, and I am lost in the world of your eyes. Maybe the magic of your smile or the beauty of your wide eyes may not know what happened to me except that I rejoice in you a lot.
  • Great love for the stars, the beauty of the night and your eyes.
  • The beauty of your eyes forces me to waste my time with a picture.
  • I envy the luck of your friends, and your family understand who sees your face, and the beauty of your eyes.
  • The most beautiful thing about a woman who is very feminine is the beauty of her eyes.

Eyes spinning hair

  • Elias Abu Shabaka says:
As if in the eye of a flame
With her hearts, the two are connected
It appears ashes when we notice
An eye when absent is ignited
O, good for those who crave for it
And he loved those who spin her eyeball
I emptied your perfume in my blood
My hair is fragrant scented perfume
Without you, the hair would dry up in my liver
I saluted neither love nor hope
  • Nizar Qabbani says :
I wipe with those eyes
On ships of suspicion
This kind-hearted purity
Rip in the morning ... rip
And your eyes know that I am
I blaspheme across the centuries
Islands .. Do you realize?
I am the first missionary on
My ropes are there ... so how?
Are you saying this is an eyelid?
Sucks chest
She asked, Astronomy is a sugar
Avi, never from stars
Will you sail? This is madness..
I cast my palms out to the sea
If you think you will be insignificant
On a port that will not be ..
My consolation if I did not return
Avi, never from stars
Will you sail? This is madness..
I cast my palms out to the sea
If you think you will be insignificant
It makes me happy to love
On a port that will not be ..
My consolation if I did not return
To be said: Ended in the eyes.
  • Hassan Al - Bahtari says :
Your eyes were shining, but betrayed me
With my gates, my patience ... and my goodness
My feelings of air pain were enough
Arrow blades arrow in my killing
And I sped up my rage in my heaven
Red tears are a table in a table
So I saw with your own eyes when it rang
The wanderer kicks her down with a pampering tendency
Haifa and her beloved beach shore her
And peaks came to the unarmed fish
And Mouna wandered in the spaciousness of its spaciousness
And an amateur he took over in the first youth
And I saw the domination of safety reassuring
Cries from the treachery of the yearbooks
With shades of elegance, lavish luxury
As heavy shadows of dark clouds
And I mentioned the age of bliss, its light
A boy on the hastened nights rush
And to live in a garden, and in the smile of his happiness
The dawn of the joys of the East is revealed.
And the star pulls from the horizon
Appendix to my home supervisor
Ain I saw with its magic and fatwa
Ahed dreams in the shadows
I hinted between her blackness and white
The pine remained high on the "caramel"
On your eyelids, the spectrum of spring fell
And the good will be stroked by the goodness of the velvet
The rocks are among the rocks
Pass the whisk on the Bulbul songs
And lying in bed with loved ones
Between the underbrush of conductive silk
The wind tightens in the playgrounds of Doha
A tone sleeps with eyes of humiliation
A mountain that overlooks his meadows
My lunar .. He missed and completed it was not completed
And I planted between his forearms and reefs
Young boys blossomed and watered from my chain
I patronized him with a spirit from a cork .. and from
Innovation and from time immemorial
As for the effort of Al-Danni .. and its trouble
Zacchaeus on a hard wound
He even became a market ... and he guided my mind
Free of charge, and hushes of hope in the fat of me
I picked it off, not enough
Get him from the land of the sickle!
So if I rang to your luck, I am lost
From her secret in the cover of night nights
Moments stumbled, agonized
Do I hope for a future or an arranged moment?
I want my eagerness and my youth
Shine the sunnah from your flaunting face
So damn, don't snap the good of the living
For me, in your eyes is my hope ..!